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There's many a band out there who grab your attention with a name, the trick then is keeping that attention.

Luckily, Desertfest's latest addition, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell have a sound even more distinct and distinguished than their name. Rough and ready, low-fi proto-stoner rock is one way to describe them, but there's a million ways you could sum up the band, and no description captures everything. On one hand there's a healthy dose of 70s worship on display, but any callbacks have been filtered through the grim reality of the 21st century to make something a little sleazier and greasier. To be honest, we just highly recommend you stick on 2012s Don't Hear It... Fear It! and let The Shovell speak for themselves.

The band themselves personally encouraged us to ask all in attendance at their Desertfest set to dress as their favourite vegetable; we reckon the only turnips at Desertfest will be those who don't catch Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell when they open The Electric Ballroom on Saturday 5th May.

Words: Tom Geddes