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Could there be a heavier sound than that grafted by Denver trio Primitive Man? You’d certainly be hard pressed to find one! With their unbelievably caustic and destructive heavy tone, every note and beat that pours from them feels like a life shattering moment. Quite how this band achieve such a sound is part of their allure. It feels effortless, and uncontrived, yet every fibre of their being seems to emanate. The darkest depths and furthest recesses of the mind, all boiled up into one melting pot of cathartic expiration.

Catching many off guard smashing through with their 2013 Relapse Records (re-released) debut album Scorn - a maelstrom of barked pain over walls of doomed jaggedness - PM burst forth with an intent, confidence, and abandonment of fucks given which is almost unrivalled in today’s heavy sphere. Pissed off, yet instantly mature and conscious, the band are simply a force-majeure to behold. With subsequent splits (with the likes of Fister, Sea Bastard, Hessian and more), an EP, and last year’s second full length Caustic, each release has further raised the bar of how intense and internal heaviness can become. Remaining somewhat undefinable in sound, touching on elements of doom, grind, drone, noise, PM seem to hold on to an essence that is unquestionably their own. Unfathomably heavy, and unrelentingly gnarly.

Live they bring to the stage a stripped down, no nonsense bashing of the senses, an aural assault of the most harrowing terms, but one that has an undefinable draw and intrigue. Every time the band have set foot on these shores a larger gaggle of heads attend to witness the beastly pummeling for themselves. So it is with great pleasure that we bring one of the most intense bands currently out there back to the UK, and to the Underworld once again, to have them bare their bones to the Desertfest throngs. Believe us, people will be cramming in to catch a glimpse of their own inevitable destruction, so get in the venue early to witness the mighty Primitive Man for your very selves!

Words: Staggerin’ Matt


Bison are a band who have consistently released material easily able to match the ferocity, confidence and high-grade musicianship of the largest bands out there.

2008 ‘s album Quiet Earth, their first on Metal Blade Records, established Bison (then with added BC) as a serious contender for some of the hardest fist slamming riffs of the year, winning them accolades the globe over. Succulent slices of splintering metal attack, picking up on the same road as Desertfest headliners High On Fire, steering to a pronounced, defined, and raging, but somehow doomy sound, incorporating a sense of epicness through the use of dual guitar harmonising, luscious thick tones, and grandiose song writing journeys.

Fast forward nearly a decade and last year’s fifth studio album You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient delivers yet another rack of confident, striding, strong metal, at times even stretching to touch on the sounds brought to the fold by the bands of Hydra Head past, to cement this beast as one of the most solid heavy acts going.

Having completed tours over the years with the likes of High On Fire, Weedeater, Baroness and more, the Canadian’s last visit here 5 years ago was in amongst a stomping Monday night bill in Soho alongside Desertfest alumni Black Cobra and Arabrot. If that show and their previous visit with Coliseum and Kvelertak were anything to go by, then Bison’s appearance on the HDP/WPC stage, in the middle of Desertfest 2018’s final day melee, will be likely to signify your commitment to once again open the beer gates to their widest point, ready for the day to tumble away from sobriety, leaving sensibility as a distant memory. Their sound and ability to conjure such sublime neck-wrenching riffs will undoubtedly be the soundtrack to your demise... they’re just too good not to slam your head and spill your pint to!

Words: Staggerin' Matt


Uncomfortable, suffocating, intense... easy listening this band are not! This is one of the things that makes Fister stand out in the sea of mediocrity ever present on rotation today.

Formed in the late 2000’s the band have 3 full lengths and a number of splits and EP’s already under their belt, forged from a sound of defiant, pulverising, nihilistic despair. A legitimately terrifying assault on the ears, carved as a response to the drastic spiralling of humanity towards it’s timely end.

But there is more than a linear doom destruction to this band. Tracks bend and curve into unforeseen corners, carving a winding path to oblivion through a heady swim of washing guitars and pounding drum spills. 2013 album Gemini in particular contains tracks taking listeners on a journey through pained doom misanthropy, occasionally visiting triumphant galloping riffs, ending in waves of hedonistic psyche warping drone jams, all within the same song! With a bold repertoire of disgustingly crushing, snarlingly nasty passages which are present both on record and live, Fister are around to give any of the most seasoned sludge bands a run for their drug money. Visiting from St Louis, Missouri to play the UK for the first time this is a chance to catch one of the most hope destroying, filthy, and enigmatic trios of the heavy underground to emerge from the last number of years.

Life is short, life is shit... be there to watch Fister pave the soundtrack to the deeper swells of your hangover at the HDP/WPC Stage on the Sunday of this year’s Desertfest London.

Words: Staggerin’ Matt


Swedish heavyweights Suma are setting sights to hit the Human_Disease_Promo / WhenPlanetsCollide Stage for their first ever London show with a torrent of vast undulating riffs that have been crafted throughout their near 17 year existence over across the wilds of the North Sea.

The Malmo based band have long been respected on the heavy circuit for their chugging rhythms and spaced out heavy doom passages, seeing them play all over mainland Europe and the US, including appearances at festivals such as Roadburn, Scorched Tundra, Desertfest Berlin, and a multitude of other spots along the way. Melting minds with riffs that traverse mental plains, all instruments flowing into a churning vortex of Ufomammutian brain scrambling doom. Suma’s tracks rise and drop like the ebb and flow of a breathing being, manoeuvring through sumptuous washes of guitar, underlaid by swirling synth, pulling up to Melvins-esque pounding. For approaching 2 decades the lumbering behemoth has been dealing with the realities of looking introspectively into the mind, and 2016’s The Order Of Things marked a solid standpoint as their fourth studio album, packed with nearly an hour of well crafted and rich, all encompassing, post-metal tinged heavy spheres of brain gyrating sound.

To experience Suma live on the hallowed turf of the Underworld promises to be an intense awakening of epic proportions, as their immense sound unravels itself before the Desertfest crowd. Don’t be one of the ones who simply wishes they were there during the intense apex of the storm. Live it!! Missing Suma means missing out!

Words: Staggerin’ Matt


If the Earth was about to reach its demise, the sound echoing around the destroyed remnants of where humankind once roamed, as the final pieces of earth fall into the bubbling magma could easily be mistaken for the foundation shattering sound that is Nottingham duo Bismuth!

They possess a tone that is otherworldly, huger than life, echoing the seismic shifts of the planet itself. Named after a chemical element which in metal form is as heavy as lead must surely be no coincidence, as the weight of sound that is pushed from their looming stacks of speaker cones is enough to pin anyone’s face back past their shoulders. Impressively oppressive in its very statue.

The drum / bass combo have had a steady rise to underground acclaim across the last few years, travelling to Europe for invites to play the likes of Incubate festival, as well as hitting most corners of the UK touring with chums Ommadon, and Ortega amongst others. Sharing splits with the likes of UK favourites Undersmile and Dutch experimental artist Gnaw Their Tongues, as well as having last years colossal droned doom full length The Unavailing under their belt, the duo of Joe and Tanya (also of Monoliths / ex-Diet Pills, Nadir, Megalodoom), most often leave gig rooms fully devastated and in awe from the sheer immensity of their slow but unrelenting disparity driven chunks of billowing noise. We can’t think of a more apt way to start off the final day of the fest, and to kick off possibly the Human_Disease_ Promo / WhenPlanetsCollide stage’s heaviest year to date. Catch them, or foolishly miss them... it’s all at your own peril!

Words: Staggerin’ Matt


Hailing from sludge ground zero, Notts heroes Moloch are a staple virtue of underground music in the UK.

Consistently visceral, scathing, lamenting, and with no unnecessary pomp to their approach, the 4-piece carry forth an egoless ethic which has endeared them to crowds on both sides of the Atlantic. They drag forth a deluge of feedback, slowed single note negativity, punishing drum smashes, harrowing vocal snarls and general bad vibes across a plethora of releases, encompassing splits with a selection of some of the nastiest sounding bands from about the globe.

Having travelled around the US on more than one occasion with good friends Thou, Moloch have a reputation for a raw, undiluted, precise, heavy filth attack, executed with a hardcore punk sensibility. This is something that has carried forth to uncountable shows UK and Europe wide over their decade of existence, and which cements them as a band who have done more for the D.I.Y. heavy circuit on this isle than most could understand. Ever uncompromising and brandishing an arsenal of strategically caustic venom, Moloch will tear your head clean off, it’s that simple. Catch ‘em on the Sunday afternoon of the fest to bleed your hangover dry, on the Human_Disease_Promo / WhenPlanetsCollide Stage down in the depths of the Camden Underworld.

Words: Staggerin’ Matt