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This team of cosmonauts has been in search of utopia, infinity and beyond for a staggering nigh-on fifty years now.  As a collective that has defined genres, influenced every single record that you and your folks have ever liked, and spawned off-shoots such as a little rock ‘n roll band you might have heard of called Motörhead, their importance to every single one of us cannot be over-stated, and we are damn well chuffed to announce that Hawkwind’s silver machine will be touching down at Cape Camden when they co-headline the Sunday of Desertfest 2018!

Thirty albums down the line, these British kings of the underground are still going strong under the leadership of none other than founding member and Grand Wizard of Space Rock, David Anthony Brock.  At 76 years of age, he and his creation’s long and tumultuous career has scaled every peek and suffered every pit-fall that the Spinal Tap dimension has to offer, but they have miraculously avoided being permanently sucked into any black holes they have drifted past during their voyages, and are still filling classic venues such as The Roundhouse last year, and The London Palladium with a live orchestral epic planned for November this year.

So, in May we are all invited to be part of another chapter in rock history, as the unstoppable Wind rips through Desertfest and carries us away to alternate realities as-yet unexplored. With recent album “In The Woods” released last year, there’ll be plenty of new material among the classics, and the psychedelic warlords will prove yet again why they are still Masters Of The Universe as they co-headline Desertfest 2018!

Words: Rich Sheppard


North Carolina’s A.S.G. have been blasting their brand of stoner metal since the beginning of the century and have a healthy five albums in the vaults.

2013’s storming “Blood Drive” was the most recent and rumors- abound that a new long player will see the light of day this year.  Incorporating all the influences you’d expect from down south, spiced with their own uniquely creative personalities, you’ll get your fix of bluesy stoner and metallic punk, along with some really emotive vox from guitarist/vocalist Jason Shi, which are all-over the scale from plaintive melodic refrains à la Layne Staley or Perry Farrell, to screaming metal anger.

He’s backed up by a great band who are equally diverse in their talents, supplying the riffs and brutality, or the astral explorations, depending on where the mood takes them from one song to the next. The Jane’s Addiction and AIC comparisons stand-up for the band as a whole when they are in full-on harmony mode (maybe throw-in some Torche too!), but they can also rage like thrashing NOLA sludge when they turn up the fire. ASG haven’t been hugely active on the international scene of late, but they’ll put pay to that this May…….it’s All Systems Go for Desertfest 2018!

Words: Rich Sheppard


Psychedelic freak-outs, gonzo jams, acid-fried kaleidoscopes, towering experimental entanglement, Hendrix-y shit... Whatever you want to call this brand of musical madness, we all flippin' love it here at DF Towers. And so rather than have to dig up Jimi, Mitch and Noel for one hell of an awkward reunion, we booked ourselves one of the next best bands in today's world: Radio Moscow.

Kicked off way back in '03 by mainman, frontman, guitaristman and singerman Parker Griggs, Radio Moscow always aimed straight for the bluesy side of psyche and never looked back. From their self-titled debut in 2007 to the triumphant and emphatic 'New Beginnings' ten years on, and despite numerous rhythm section changes over the years, few can deny the Iowan power trio's reputation as one of the most exciting, eclectic and electric bands of their wholesome ilk. Such did they set the Ballroom alive with their powerful, rhythmic jams at Desertfest 2014, we simply couldn't resist asking Parker and the boys back into town for one more blast of high-energy, no-nonsence rock.

They're not Russian, and they're certainly not available on shortwave, but Radio Moscow are one frequency you won't want to hear go silent once you tune in to them this coming May in Camden Town.

Words: Pete Green


The Obsessed and Saint Vitus frontman is coming to Desertfest and this time he’s bringing his acoustic tales of sorrow.

Scott “Wino” Weinrich really needs no introduction for any self-respecting fan of doom, stoner, or punk, but for the few uninitiated, Wino has been kicking arses since 1976 in bands such as the Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, Shrinebuilder (…shall I keep going?). In sort, he’s released tons of albums, toured the world and has been a standard-bearer for doom for decades.

However, slightly less well-known are Wino’s fantastic acoustic records with the likes of German songwriter Conny Ochs (with whom he’s released two albums) and his collection of Townes Van Zandt covers with fellow lifers Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till.

So prepare to be enraptured by a rare and intimate acoustic show from the legendary troubadour at Desertfest 2018.

Words: Tom McKibbin


In the brief five years of their existence Gothenburg 3-piece Monolord ascended to the upper echelons of stoner-doom royalty remarkably quickly, and if you’re familiar with them already you’ll need no explanation as to why.  After three consistently excellent LPs, these busy lads have proven themselves to be Monolithic Lords of fuzzed-out doom par excellence, and fans of the likes of Electric Wizard and Ufomammut immediately accepted them as equals in every respect.

Mika Häkki underpins their behemoth compositions with thick, roiling bass lines while drummer Esben Willems meters out the slow burning intensity and guitarist Thomas V Jäger provides the gargantuan riffs with his other-worldly vocals. Their tight interplay is a perfect example of how three-pieces can lock in so well together, as they transport you to distant realms of darkness in a trance-like state.

Having previously graced Desertfest London's stage in 2016, we are honoured to announce that Monolord have slotted-in another Camden appearance, during the UK tour they have planned with the mighty Conan, and we fully expect to see every one of you nodding your heads into hypnotised submission at the front this year!

Words: Rich Sheppard


We are pleased to announce Steak Number Eight will be hitting up Camden this May when they play Desertfest.

The Belgian four-piece, who formed with their members all in their early teens back in 2004, are an astounding example of why postmetal still has plenty left to say. Their 2008 EP, When The Candle Dies Out, a release which is frighteningly heavy given the age of those recording it, is a bold statement to the world. Opening with the slow building ‘The Sea is Dying’, and taking the listener on one hell of a journey before closing with the hypnotic, ‘After You’.

A decade on, with three full lengths behind them, including 2015’s mesmerising Kosmokoma, Steak Number Eight’s sludged postmetal is a noise you need to hear. Make sure you catch them at Desertfest 2018.

Words: Tom Geddes


With a name like Dopelord, these Polish upstarts were never exactly destined to be all about soft rock and power ballads. Which is exactly why it's with great pleasure to say that these masters of the reefer riff will be laying down their groove with us in Camden this coming April!

Since kicking out their earliest jams in Lublin around 2010, Dopelord have quickly become favourites of the European stoner scene. With debut 'Magick Rites' oozing riffs and distant-galaxy vocals galore, the four-piece have become synonymous with far-out, cosmic and moon-scrapping heaviness ever since. The follow-up collection 'Black Arts, Riff Worship and Weed Cult' did nothing but compound the quartet's hunger for nailing each of the three elements of it's title with further glorious gravity chasms of grandeur. Meanwhile, the latest long-player 'Children of the Haze' is perhaps the defining pinnacle of Dopelord's short but oh so herbal career to-date; even heavier and even more exploratory than ever.

So surrender now to your hashishian leaders Dopelord at Desertfest 2018 in Camden and burn one up until the early hours with these Polish masters of psychedelic riffcraft.

Words: Pete Green


Desertfest are pleased to announce that we’ve disturbed an ancient burial ground and therefore, we have Dead Witches turning up to Desertfest this May.

Dead Witches are a heavy psych band that just so happens to feature Mark Greening (of Ramesses and former Electric Wizard, With the Dead). More rooted in straight-up 70s worship psychedelic rock and roll, stripping back the brutal edges of other projects Greening has been associated with in the past, Dead Witches lose none of the darkness he’s become known for. Their sole release to this point, last year’s Ouija which was recorded with former vocalist Virginia Monti, is an album which embraces slow, as one might expect, but moves along with swagger.

Rolling into 2018, new vocalist Soozi Chameleone (see also Killing Man Jaroh) takes the helm of frontwoman, with a new album featuring the fresh lineup expected to follow soon. Be sure to catch them at Desertfest.

Words: Tom Geddes


We’re beyond delighted to be welcoming psychedelic royalty to Desertfest in the form of the mighty King Buffalo.

Since forming in the vibrant Rochester, New York rock scene in 2013, King Buffalo have been winning over legions of fans with their hypnotic and earthy style of psychedelic, groovy stoner rock. After a very well-received demo in 2013, it was 2016’s debut album proper Orion that truly introduced King Buffalo’s laid back, melodic, and trippy sound to a wider audience and landed them on countless end of year lists. Now with the release of the fantastic Repeater EP (hopefully signifying that album number two may be on the horizon) we couldn’t be happier to host King Buffalo at Desertfest.

This is the only chance to catch them in the UK while they’re on their European tour with Elder so don’t miss out!

Words: Tom McKibbin


Boston's supergroup of stoner sorts Kind have been ones to watch since their 'Rocket Science' debut landed in 2015 and prompted tripped everyone the hell out.

Formed by the already near-legendary Massachusetts trio Elder's drummer Matt Couto and comprising of other solid players from around the scene in Darryl Shepard (Black Pyramid, The Scimitar) and Tom Corino (Rozamov), Kind wasted no time in wowing fans of all things psyche and rock with their heavy jams and fluid kaleidoscopic dynamics.

Making their UK debut, don't miss out on these four musicians doing their sweet thang in the vein of our lords Jimi Hendrix and Paul Rodgers this May in Camden Town. In some ways, it's not Rocket Science, but in others, it totally is.

Words: Pete Green