To complete The Human_Disease_Promo / WhenPlanetsCollide Stage lineup on Saturday at The Underworldwe welcome none other than Norwegian Grammy winners ÅRABROT back to Desertfest for an afternoon slot of causticly unique and pummelling noise-rock immensity.

Hanging in the air like a guillotine about to fall, the imposing sound of Årabrot manifests in many undefinable guises, but every part of their output lingers on the ears like the sentiment from some kind of lurking, opaque, spectral force. With newest release Die Nibelungen breaking free from the ether the same day they join Desertfest, we’re stoked that Kjetil Nernes and his current crew are taking time out from their tour with Mono to storm in and dissect the Underworld once again.

This time on the HDP/WPC at Desertfest 2019, alongside Black Tusk, The Skull, Acid Cannibals, Headless Kross and Kalloused. It’s gonna be one cataclysmic ride here in Camden in a month’s time. We can’t wait!

Words: Staggrin’ Matt