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Bison are a band who have consistently released material easily able to match the ferocity, confidence and high-grade musicianship of the largest bands out there.

2008 ‘s album Quiet Earth, their first on Metal Blade Records, established Bison (then with added BC) as a serious contender for some of the hardest fist slamming riffs of the year, winning them accolades the globe over. Succulent slices of splintering metal attack, picking up on the same road as Desertfest headliners High On Fire, steering to a pronounced, defined, and raging, but somehow doomy sound, incorporating a sense of epicness through the use of dual guitar harmonising, luscious thick tones, and grandiose song writing journeys.

Fast forward nearly a decade and last year’s fifth studio album You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient delivers yet another rack of confident, striding, strong metal, at times even stretching to touch on the sounds brought to the fold by the bands of Hydra Head past, to cement this beast as one of the most solid heavy acts going.

Having completed tours over the years with the likes of High On Fire, Weedeater, Baroness and more, the Canadian’s last visit here 5 years ago was in amongst a stomping Monday night bill in Soho alongside Desertfest alumni Black Cobra and Arabrot. If that show and their previous visit with Coliseum and Kvelertak were anything to go by, then Bison’s appearance on the HDP/WPC stage, in the middle of Desertfest 2018’s final day melee, will be likely to signify your commitment to once again open the beer gates to their widest point, ready for the day to tumble away from sobriety, leaving sensibility as a distant memory. Their sound and ability to conjure such sublime neck-wrenching riffs will undoubtedly be the soundtrack to your demise... they’re just too good not to slam your head and spill your pint to!

Words: Staggerin' Matt