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This year Swedish doom metal figureheads Candlemass celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of their classic debut with the release of a new EP, Death Thy Lover. Three decades ago, doom was forever changed by Candlemass’s most iconic offering, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, which has been a lauded influence on all doom metal ever since.

Death Thy Lover is a four-song EP and the band’s first release with their new permanent vocalist Mats Levén, who will be known to fans of Leif Edling’s Krux project. Previous singer Robert Lowe was an integral part of the band’s recent output, but Mats Levén's equal understanding of what makes a great Candlemass song, along with his own unique abilities, brings them into a triumphant new chapter.

Mats complements the band’s traditionally theatrical, operatic style perfectly and guitarist Lars Johansson has commented that he’s the best live singer the band have had for a long time, so Desertfest is extremely proud to honour another classic doom band embarking on a new stage of their career. True doom fans and all metal-heads in attendance are in for something very special next year!

Epicus Wordicus: Rich Sheppard