With Amenra marking their 20th year in 2019, we're playing host to not one, but two special sets celebrating their contributions to ethereal ambient sounds. On Saturday night, the band headlines The Electric Ballroom in what is sure to be a unique, captivating performance, whilst on Sunday at The Underworld, we bear witness to a more intimate project; CHVE x Syndrome.

As Amenra's two founding members, Colin H. van Eeckhout (vocals) and Mathieu Vandekerckhove (lead guitar) have a long history of working together musically, though, as with any great artist, both eventually desired an outlet for solo material; thus were born CHVE (Eeckhout) and Syndrome (Vandekerckhove) respectively. More delicate than their combined efforts, and both with a heavier leaning into the droning tones, CHVE & Syndrome have created legitimate masterpieces (See Rasa and Forever and a Day for clear evidence of this) whilst treading their own personal paths, producing music which is good for the soul. 

Whilst separate musically from Amenra and, indeed, each other, both projects, through the shared experiences of the men involved, have an undeniable influence upon each other; so much so that it only makes sense that the vibes emanating from their individual works were to collide. In CHVE x Syndrome, the musicians do just that, collaborating in a way wholly unparalleled to their previous collaborations with a much closer and more personal feel.

This will be perhaps the most unmissable event at this year's Desertfest. Be sure not to miss CHVE x Syndrome at The Underworld on Sunday 5th May.

Words: Tom Geddes