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Monster Magnet 2.jpg


New Jersey’s finest rock exports Monster Magnet are set to headline Desertfest 2018. Founded more than 30 years ago by their inimitable frontman Dave Wyndorf, they’re expected to have a new album out by the time they take the stage in Camden Town.

Info on that is sparse at this point, but it’s been a hell of a few years for Monster Magnet. In 2013, the band shook off the straightforward trappings of hard rock that had consumed them for more than a decade and embraced their inner space/psych weirdos with Last Patrol. In 2014, they followed that with an immediate, even-weirder reworking of that album called Milking the Stars before, in 2015, going back to 2010’s prior album, Mastermind, and giving that a similar revamp treatment with Cobras and Fire.

At the same time, Wyndorf, guitarists Phil Caivano and Garrett Sweeney, and drummer Bob Pantella hooked up with bassist Chris Kosnik of The Atomic Bitchwax (in which Pantella also plays), to make their live lineup even more devastating. This year has brought reissues of their ultra-classic 1991 debut, Spine of God and the TAB EP, as well as the threat of the already-mentioned new record.

While we sit tight and await the inevitable release date, we can only wonder what the future holds as Monster Magnet once more make ready to powertrip their way through our addled minds. Wherever they wind up taking us on this journey, look for Wyndorf to emerge again as the all-consuming mastermind at the center of it all – right where he belongs.

Offerings to the Bull God: JJ Koczan


Yes, it’s true. Nebula is back and they're bringing it to Camden Town for the 2018 Desertfest.

19 years ago, a little-known California trio released an EP called Let it Burn. Fronted by Eddie Glass and steered by his riffs as it was grooved by the low end of Mark Abshire and drummer Ruben Romano (both formerly of Fu Manchu), Nebula tore ass through the late-‘90s stoner rock movement, becoming one of its signature acts thanks to early landmark releases like their 1999 split with Desertfest alums Lowrider, 1999’s To the Center LP and Sun Creature EP, and 2001’s Charged.

Looser in their swing and just that extra bit stoned as compared to many of their peers, Nebula tapped a vein of classic rock in cuts like “Down the Highway,” “Let it Burn,” “Sonic Titan” and “Dragon Eye” that have become classics in themselves.

It’s been eight years since Nebula were last heard from with Heavy Psych, their fifth album, on Tee Pee Records. With a lineup comprised of Glass, bassist Tim Davies (also of desert-based Spaghetti Western enthusiasts Spindrift) and drummer Rob Oswald (also a founder of Karma to Burn), Nebula revamped the psychedelic edge that always stood them out among the riff-worshipers of their era.

As they look to move forward into 2018 and beyond, we’re thrilled to announce Nebula will stand among Lowrider, Unida, Sixty Watt Shaman and others in the hallowed halls of Desertfest’s greatest reunions. To put it mildly, we cannot fucking wait.

Words: JJ Koczan


How do you introduce a band who surely by now require no introduction? Simple: the same way they would introduce themselves... They're Eyehategod from New Orleans, Louisiana and they're playing Desertfest London 2018.

Formed in 1988 in the voodoo-ridden NOLA marshlands, Eyehategod remain one of the most honest, true, legitimate and genuine bands still standing today in heavy music. Whether it's Jimmy Bower and Brian Patton's punk-strewn, duel guitar grooves; Gary Madar and Aaron Hill's tempo-raised, pummeling percussion or, of course, frontman Mike IX Williams' unmistakable poetry barking away from behind the mic stand, there is little to no doubt that Eyehategod always were, still are and always will be: The Real Deal.

Having survived everything from the devastating destruction of Katrina, rampant drug abuse, Mike's liver failure and the untimely death of former drummer Joey Lacaze, you have to ask: where has it left them? On stage, standing strong and blasting those tight, raw, sludgy, proud-ass punk anthems as hard as ever before, that's where.

Having been privileged to host this ferocious five-piece as headliners back at Desertfest 2016, we're truly honoured that they've elected to join us again for yet another round of chaos in 2018.

Always to be taken as needed for pain, in the name of suffering, to ease all of our dopesick, ruined lives, this machine needs your energy just as much as you need theirs. Don't be a jackass, submit to the will of Eyehategod at Desertfest 2018.

Words: Pete Green

Jex Thoth.jpg


High Priestess of occult rock Jex Thoth is finally arriving at Desertfest to offer a sermon to we pilgrims.

In a world where most live their lives like an open wound, the eponymous vocalist of the band gives little away; a refreshing burst of intrigue and the unknowable forcing the focus squarely on the music and the performance thereof.

Jex Thoth’s two full lengths, -2008s self titled and 2013s low down Blood Moon Rise, - as well as their myriad of EP releases -  are tinged with the kaleidoscopic, underpinned with psych soaked synths and the ever present powerful pipes of Jex herself; coming together to form a slow moving, but unstoppable wave.

Certain to be a highlight for many over the May weekend, we full well recommend that you make it to the front to get hypnotised by Jex Thoth.


As Greece’s premier underground rock band, Planet of Zeus are probably the only band on Earth that can justify calling themselves Planet of Zeus, and luckily they’re one of Europe’s grooviest riff-merchants so we’re delighted to be bringing them back to Desertfest in 2018.

From the isle of Crete, where Zeus hid to avoid being consumed by his father, Cronus, to their native Athens, Planet of Zeus have been kicking up an (un)godly stoner storm for almost 20 years and they show no signs of slowing down. In 2015 they supported their heroes Clutch on their European tour and last year they released their fourth album Loyal to the Pack, an album which demonstrated how much the band’s sound has evolved and matured since their 2008 debut Eleven the Hard Way, featuring mellower songs alongside their usual brand of stoner rock.

Having last played Desertfest in 2013 (after having to cancel an appearance in 2016) we can’t wait to catch the new and improved Planet of Zeus in 2018.

Words: Tom McKibbin


Raucous Leeds-founded rockers Black Moth have gatecrashed so many Desertscene events over the years they're practically part of the furniture. So it's only fitting that we welcome them warmly back into the fold for yet another rollocking riot in Camden at Desertfest 2018.

Right from the get-go of that sumptuous 2012 debut 'The Killing Jar', Black Moth have only ever been strictly all about those barrelling, garage rock n' roll riffs; a rhythm section tighter than a box of cable ties and of course all topped off with Harriet Bevan's coy, colloquial croon sailing high atop those dark, fluttering wings. 'Condemned to Hope' came out in 2014 and only further served to intensify Black Moth's resolve for writing killer, heavier, metallic riffage wrapped up in a package of songs catchy enough to crack the Radio1 Live Lounge. Despite consistently being slapped on stage with your typical four-band stoner rock bills over the years, the Mothsters have always mined a sound that's acutely closer to a mashup of The Stooges, Red Fang and L7; a sound we here at Desertscene will happily shake our manes down to any day of the year.

So don't be chicken shit, head to the barrier and catch Black Moth rock you like hurricane or six in Camden this coming May at Desertfest 2018.

Words: Pete Green


Desertfest is proud to introduce another London debut appearance from a young band that has just released their second full-length. With earthy, soulful vocals, grooves that can be subtle and ass-shakin’ in equal measure and proto-doom downer rock that evokes smoky nights in dive bars, Portugal’s The Black Wizards are a retro 70s rock delight.

Helming the dark council is the multi-talented front-woman Joana Brito, confidently leading songs with vocals and guitar which can wind between hard rock, acid-fried acoustic ballads and any other avenues she decides to investigate. Songs that proudly combine a love of funky, heavy riffage and occult sixties psych like Black Widow and Coven are their forte, and they have more to offer as well. They revel in bluesy jamming, letting the songs go in their own directions, resulting in atmospheric pieces that rock like the devil’s cradle while caressing the soul at the same time. Join them next year and witness the wizards work their magic.

Words: Rich Sheppard