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Elephant Tree.jpg

ELEPHANT TREE pack their trunk for desertfest 2017!

If you've in any way kept in touch with the latest and greatest acts of the UK's doomy underground of late, then you can't have failed to notice the canopy-scraping heights that Elephant Tree have already ascended to. Somehow managing to intertwine the colossal grandeur of Sleep with the intoxicating lullabies of Dead Meadow, the London-based trio have received little but unanimous admiration so far to date, particularly post the release of their self-titled record earlier in 2016.

Featuring the mercurial vocal talents of dual frontmen Jack Townley and Pete Holland, alongside the duo's shared passion for a chop-smackingly warm and rich amp-sound to embrace their riffage, the 'Tree are rounded out by the timely and calculated percussion of Sam Hart. Just give the enchanting 'Wither', the mountain-crumbling 'Alphotic Blues' or the brooding might of 'Attack of the Altaica' a spin on your Sony Walkman and you'll soon be having a moment of Sir Isaac Newton-esque clarity under a tree of oh-so many trunks, branches and root dynamics.

So head on down to jam out with your yam out alongside Elephant Tree at Desertfest 2017. You'll either get caught in their web or washed away with their homely groove, but a titanic set is always guaranteed with these masters of the heavy vibe.

Words: Pete Green