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How do you introduce a band who surely by now require no introduction? Simple: the same way they would introduce themselves... They're Eyehategod from New Orleans, Louisiana and they're playing the Old Empire Stage at Desertfest 2018.

Formed in 1988 in the voodoo-ridden NOLA marshlands, Eyehategod remain one of the most honest, true, legitimate and genuine bands still standing today in heavy music. Whether it's Jimmy Bower and Brian Patton's punk-strewn, duel guitar grooves; Gary Madar and Aaron Hill's tempo-raised, pummeling percussion or, of course, frontman Mike IX Williams' unmistakable poetry barking away from behind the mic stand, there is little to no doubt that Eyehategod always were, still are and always will be: The Real Deal.

Having survived everything from the devastating destruction of Katrina, rampant drug abuse, Mike's liver failure and the untimely death of former drummer Joey Lacaze, you have to ask: where has it left them? On stage, standing strong and blasting those tight, raw, sludgy, proud-ass punk anthems as hard as ever before, that's where.

Having been privileged to host this ferocious five-piece as headliners back at Desertfest 2016, we're truly honoured that they've elected to join us again for yet another round of chaos in 2018, this time with the help of our friends at Old Empire.

Always to be taken as needed for pain, in the name of suffering, to ease all of our dopesick, ruined lives, this machine needs your energy just as much as you need theirs. Don't be a jackass, submit to the will of Eyehategod when they play the Old Empire Stage at Desertfest 2018.

Words: Pete Green

Old Empire Says:
We think Eyehategod absolutely embody the spirit of what Old Empire and Desertfest are about; A little bit of heavy metal, a whole bunch of venom and tons of groove – we’re all well aware of the party that ensues when these NOLA heavyweights take the stage, so get fucking ready!