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Five the Hierophant.png


We've had many bands play Desertfest under the shroud of mystery over the years, but in the case of London collective Five the Hierophant, we too will be watching this particular musical mystery unravel live for the very first time on this year's Old Empire Stage.

Impossible to pin down into any one genre (or family of genres for that matter), FTH traverse the wide chasm from jazz to drone without breaking a sweat. Using instruments like the djembe, rag-dung, violin, bowed guitars and saxophone, alongside your standard guitars, bass and drums set-up, Five the Hierophant create unnatural and unnerving labyrinths of sonic madness that will disturb as much as they will delight.

So head on down to the Old Empire stage to witness the sludgy, saxophonic sensation that is Five the Hierophant emerge from their swamp for the first very first time. Your guess is as good as ours, but we're willing to guess it will be an experience quite like no other.

Words: Pete Green

Old Empire Says: We were immediately grabbed by the intriguing artwork and the dark jazz soundscapes on FTH's new release ‘Over Phelgethon’ – Part doom, part drone, part jazz and all oppression.  This mysterious band will be making their live debut at Desertfest 2018.