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Virginia Beach's good-time rocking, sometimes-trio-sometimes-quartet Freedom Hawk might not be the most well-spotted of sonic birds of prey on European shores. But that doesn't mean we haven't missed spying their glorious riffs and fantastically frenetic boogie-downs through our all-too rockular binoculars

If you're unfamiliar with the rawk of these Hawks, then simply imagine the classic fuzzorama of the likes of Fu Manchu and sHeavy, nestling down for the night with the sickly modernity and feel-good vibes of Kadavar and Mothership, and you've got yourself a prime slice of Freedom pie. Whether you prefer the chock-fulla-stoner-rock bangers of their self-titled second record, the crunchier metallic grooves of Holding On or the more psychedelic broods of Sunlight or Into Your Mind, Freedom Hawk's output has never been anything but solid, consistent and down-right great fun in it's desert-dwelling lore.

The Hawk themselves comment: "We are looking really forward to playing in the UK and Desertfest London. This is actually our first time playing on U.K. soil despite massive amounts of fan mail and two European tours under our belt. We are back up to a 4-piece again, bringing in Brendan O'Neil on our 2nd guitar to bring back the metal packaging, dueling guitar and harmonies that the Hawk is best known for. Thanks to Ripple Music, there will be a Vinyl release of our 2009 S/T album coming out November 17th in UK, Europe and North America. Finally, we are getting close to heading in the studio to record our 5th album (naming TBD) with a worldwide release expected in March 2018 of next year, so right on time for Desertfest!"

Make sure you're one of the early birds and get ready to watch Freedom Hawk truly soar at Desertfest 2018.

Words: Pete Green