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With a line-up boasting talents from the likes of Dead Existence, Sea Bastard, Throne and Casual Nun, new South-England collective Grave Lines were never exactly going to be all tambourines, flower power and Allman Brothers Band covers now were they?

But with all that said, there’s a refreshing swing and a constantly regenerating set of dynamics rebounding between the foursome on debut record ‘Welcome to Nothing’ that few would perhaps have expected. Julia Owen and Staggerin’ Matt’s earthy, rhythmic undertow is topped neatly with the lingering, misanthropic baritones of vocalist Jake Harding and the, errr, equally lingering and misanthropic riffs emanating from Oli Irongiant’s hellish guitar work. The album itself brings the perhaps more anticipated skull-denting sludge of ‘Cronus Chain’ and ‘Extinction Pill’, but sets them in deep contrast to the more post-metal inspired surrounding of ‘Blind Thamyris’ and ‘Drug Cold’.

The band themselves comment: "Grave Lines are super stoked to have Desertfest London 2017 confirmed as our first major festival! We’ll be bringing our slab of sound to the stage as a catharsis from the pain and sorrow of human life and the bleak void of the mental condition. So we intend to dish out spoonfuls of woe, but thread it between the most succulent and thunderous low-end riffs we can bloody well muster. It’s not all doom and gloom, but rest assured we aim to dish out a sizeable fuckin’ chunk of heavy!" – Staggerin’ Matt.

If your favourite bands include Old Man Gloom, Warning and Noothgrush, then you’ll no doubt enjoy watching Grave Lines smash them together likes flies on a windscreen then flatten them back out across the tarmac at Desertfest 2017.

Words: Pete Green