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If any band can claim responsibility for the surge of retro-infused, blues-stuffed rock n roll seeping through the underground over the past decade, it has to be Graveyard; which is why we’re beyond proud to announce that they’ll be headlining Desertfest 2018!

Formed in the fertile ashes of Norrsken in 2005 (a band which also featured Magnus Pelander of Witchcraft), Graveyard immediately rose to the top of Sweden’s, and indeed Europe’s, fuzz drenched scene thanks to their immaculate self-titled debut. Finding a straight-down-the-middle rock foundation to build from, the opening strains of ‘Evil Ways’ perfectly introduced the riff worship that has permeated the band’s output ever since, as well as their trademark subdued moments, such as in the beautifully arranged ‘As The Years Pass By, The Hours Bend’.

By the time 2011s Hisingen Blues dropped, with the band already making significant strides with their brain rattling hooks, Graveyard were comfortably peppering their sound with heavy psych, producing an album this humble writer believes is one of the greatest albums released in the past decade; before swiftly blowing it out of the water with their third release, Lights Out. It was a period where Graveyard seemed untouchable, not only within our niche underground scene, but wider, seeing the band play a European jaunt with the tragically departed Soundgarden. It almost didn’t last.

Our collective scene let out a universal groan at the end of 2016 when, shortly after the release of Innocence and Decadence, Graveyard announced they were putting the lights out. After four fantastic records in less than a decade, it was soul crushing to be faced with a world without the band. But you can’t keep great music down. Less than 4 months after their apparent , Graveyard rose to prove they weren’t buried just yet.

In 2018, we’ll finally see Graveyard grace our stage as headliners, marking their first UK gig in over 2 years. So set your slow motion countdown for May and get ready for a Graveyard smash at Desertfest 2018.

Words: Tom Geddes