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This team of cosmonauts has been in search of utopia, infinity and beyond for a staggering nigh-on fifty years now.  As a collective that has defined genres, influenced every single record that you and your folks have ever liked, and spawned off-shoots such as a little rock ‘n roll band you might have heard of called Motörhead, their importance to every single one of us cannot be over-stated, and we are damn well chuffed to announce that Hawkwind’s silver machine will be touching down at Cape Camden when they co-headline the Sunday of Desertfest 2018!

Thirty albums down the line, these British kings of the underground are still going strong under the leadership of none other than founding member and Grand Wizard of Space Rock, David Anthony Brock.  At 76 years of age, he and his creation’s long and tumultuous career has scaled every peek and suffered every pit-fall that the Spinal Tap dimension has to offer, but they have miraculously avoided being permanently sucked into any black holes they have drifted past during their voyages, and are still filling classic venues such as The Roundhouse last year, and The London Palladium with a live orchestral epic planned for November this year.

So, in May we are all invited to be part of another chapter in rock history, as the unstoppable Wind rips through Desertfest and carries us away to alternate realities as-yet unexplored. With recent album “In The Woods” released last year, there’ll be plenty of new material among the classics, and the psychedelic warlords will prove yet again why they are still Masters Of The Universe as they co-headline Desertfest 2018!

Words: Rich Sheppard