This Hamburg band's ascension to the sky started out around five years ago and the immediate demand they created has enabled them to hone their sound at a diverse range of shows; everything from small underground gigs, to support for German doominaries like Ahab, to huge international festivals like Waken. The Fighter's remarkably self-assured debut release was 2016’s LP ‘Scars & Crosses’ and on hearing it you'd be forgiven for thinking that they've been dealing out the doom for a lot longer than they have.

Together, singer Mona Miluski, bassist Constantin Wüst, guitarists Christian Pappas & Ingwer Boysen, and drummer Thomas Wildelau summon the dense smog of 70's doom riff worship with plenty of shuffling swagger to keep the hips gyrating. It has been pointed out elsewhere that they have an unmistakably NOLA sound. It's true, Mona’s often scathing vocals see to that, along with a sonic assault which is slowly and deliberately drawn out from a classic tube-driven back line in thick layers of mesmerising groove, but she can croon it out desert style too when the mood takes her.

Desertfest attendees looking forward to some doom casting its shadow over Camden will most definitely want to be front and center for High Fighter's well deserved debut at Desertfest London, since wrecking DF Belgium last year, see you there!

Words: Rich Sheppard