Photo: Danielle Spires


LA's High Priestess are potentially a new name to many but we're delighted to announce that their brand of enchanting, bewitching doom metal will be gracing us in Camden this coming April.

The power trio, helmed by banshee-wailing guitarist Katie Gilchrest and rounded out by Mariana Fiel on bass and Megan Mullins on drums, have already made a name for themselves with their 2018 self-titled album out now on Ripple, as well as numerous shows around California and beyond. Meshing stiff, taut, metallic riffage on the one hand with the ethereal calm and mystery of Katie's near-gothic vocal layers and shimmering organ work, High Priestess offer both a comforting vintage rock front but with some more unsettling moments of psychedelic grandeur thrown in for good measure. If you think Acid King jamming with Chrch and Subrosa, with Year of the Cobra watching on from the sound desk is a your idea of a great night out, then you won't go too far wrong with these riff dealers n mind stealers right here in Camden Town.

Words: Pete Green