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It is always wondrously refreshing when heavy bands are willing and able to bring to the table something other than a linear barrage of riffs. Hailing from the doom hotspot lands of Richmond Virginia, Inter Arma are a band that offers so much on their 3 full length records and various other releases that they both captivate and engage the listener with a colourful canvas of enriching sound.  
Signing to the home of heavy - Relapse Records in 2012, the following year’s album Sky Burial offers up rich pallets of Floyd-esque proggy guitar work and twinkling cymbals stacked up against otherworldly heavy sections of cavernous pounding doom and brutally pained vocals. It is a sound that sees Inter Arma reaching both out to the stratosphere as well as deep into a tomb of icy blackened metal annihilation. Invisible oranges both high and low! The harsh vocals often offer a deathly serious  conviction, set against a backdrop of furiously relentless drumming, yet at times they move into areas of fully reverbed psych soaring.  The instruments themselves seem to cover every possible manifestation of riff: from crescendos of blackened shoe gaze, to dual attack prog widdling, to grandiose sludgey barbarism, sometimes touching on sun drenched stoner valley jams, and at times even Om-ish slow bass driven head-nodding precision. In short, no two Inter Arma songs sound the same, and that is a wonderfully refreshing thing! Although Inter Arma are impossible to pin down to a specific sound, if the reception of the most recent offering “Paradise Gallows” is anything to go by then there's is a sound that cuts through the chuff of mediocre bands that are all too prevalent today. Lusciously psychedelic and satisfyingly heavy in equal measures, it’s no wonder they’ve been gracing end-of-year top album lists here there and bloody everywhere!
Anyone who enjoyed catching Samothrace's magnificent set on the HDP/WPC stage last year should venture back to join us in the bowels of the festival once again to witness yet another underground band that also deserve a well-earned high standing, as they are easily able stand strong amongst the best heavy bands out there.  Recently off a US tour with Carcass, and heading back to the UK as part of a longer European tour, it is our immense pleasure to be bringing the magnificent Inter Arma to the Underworld stage in April to take the eager ears and minds of the Desertfest throngs on an intense spiralling journey.

Words: Staggerin' Matt