Who remembers Kadavar's fur-coated, barreling riot of a set at the Jazz Cafe in 2013?  Well it certainly wasn't a show we'd ever want to forget here at Desertfest Towers and so we figured it was high time we welcomed the blistering Berliners back to our humble little Camden Town hoedown.

Let's be honest, there's a rough estimate of one billion bands now playing homage to the retro-rockin', '70s proto-metal revival these days. But equally, let's be very clear; there are very few who perform this denim-n-plaid brand of sepia-tinged riffery with the power, prestige and passion of our favourite German trio. With Lupus' taut, chugging riffs and righteous vocal wail coupling together with Tiger's battering battery and Dragon's hulking bass grooves, Kadavar have always stood out head, shoulders, torsos and let's face it pretty much everything higher than belt-line above the Orange-amped pack since their inception in 2010.

Whether you prefer the doomier vibes of the latest album Rough Times, the back-to-back bangers on Berlin, the freshness of the hooks on their self-titled debut or the weighty crunch of Abra Kadavar, you can guarantee the lofty threesome will once again be blending it all up together and firing it out of one of the tightest hoses in rock today. Be sure to be down early to get showered in sweat, energy and outrageous licks this coming April; the boogie train that is Kadavar won't be making any emergency stops for you to catch a breath.

Words: Pete Green