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Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard.jpg


Let’s be honest here, when THAT name first came up, who rolled their eyes? I know I did. But then came the riffs. Then came that DOOM. And THEN came that voice. Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, whose name roughly translates as “Gandalf’s Giant Illegitimate Marijuana”, have been knocking the walls of many a UK pub and club into rubble since 2014. Their hybrid concoction of Paul Michael Davies and Wez Leon’s goliath, plodding, yet mysteriously hypnotic riffage coupled with Jessica Ball’s eerie, intergalactic siren has transcended the underground metal scene and beyond across two well received slabs of wax.

The first album ‘Noeth Ac Anoeth’, which roughly translates as “Brain-Caving Space Trauma”, trawled gutters that Ufomammut and Toner Low have yet to discover, whilst James “Carrat” Carrington‘s drums hit your skull harder than a George Foreman grill straight to the cranium. But it was Wall’s wail, an interstellar echo rebounding around the solar system, which stood the Welsh foursome out from the crowd. Like balsamic on olive oil, her tone sits astride the chaos; innocent and vulnerable yet dark and deadly all at once.

The second ‘Y Proffwyd Dwyll’, which roughly translates as “Dumpertruck-Heavy Cosmic Carnage” is literally littered with enough chunky, claw-summoning riffs to knock the planet off its axis. Literally. Building more mature, yet increasingly menacing structures, coupled with those floaty, swirling atmospherics and Ball’s delicately phantom-like songcraft, MWWB’s sound has refined itself into a match made in Desertfest heaven. A heaven, which is in itself basically a desert filled with doom bands, beer, black t-shirts and more beer.

Like heavy riffs? Like pure doom? Like grunge? Like an industrial metal crunch and a psychedelic sprinkling with your morning Flat White on the tube? I thought so. So quit rolling those eyes at their name and get down to head-bang yourself into sweet oblivion with Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard.

Words: Pete Green