There are very few things that are truly certain in this life. That Nick Oliveri will create hugely passionate yet somewhat unhinged heavy rock music forever is certainly one of them however.

Mondo Generator has either been the former Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age four-stringer's side-project or lead venture on and off since 1997. Careering seamlessly between balls-out, full-throttle garage-punk insanity and subtle, serene acoustic jams, the trio have had a near enough revolving door policy of members since their inception, leaving leaving five full lengths so far in their wake.

The classic debut Cocaine Rodeo and it's follow-up A Drug Problem that Never Existed at the time of recording featured the likes of fellow legendary desert rocks heroes Brant Bjork, Dave Catching, Molly Maguire and Joey Castillo. Oliveri was once even joined on tour by the two Bens - Messers Perrier and Thomas - from Oxford UK's own favourite sons of thunder Winnebago Deal to enact the rugged and raucous live performances that Mondo Generator have made their staple diet for over twenty gruelling years.

And now, with a recently more stabilised line-up of Mike Pygmie on guitar and Jeff Bowman on drums, alongside Mr Oliveri himself, coupled with a rumoured record no.6 on the way, the time to get this Generator started up in the Desert of Camden is upon us... This coming Spring.

Saddle up for the rodeo, this is gunna be a wild ride.

Words: Pete Green