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We've been blessed to have had a plethora of awesome two-piece bands smash through sets at Desert fest in the past. Black Cobra, Godflesh, Dyse, Pombagira, The Poisoned Glass, Mantar and Eagle Twin to name but a few. For 2017 we welcome yet another destructive duo to the fold - the unforgiving Cornish hell-beast, Monolithian.

Formed in 2010, Simon Walker and Shannon Green have spent the last few years tirelessly pounding the miles, travelling to all corners of the UK to smash their way through gargantuan sets of ravenous death-sludge attack. Filth spews from this hound like an unstoppable demonic force, but that's not to say that it's not dynamically astute… on the contrary, the ebbs and flows of the mid-paced minimalist doomy sections tie together with arching build ups and fiendishly heavy metallic destruction.

With a fistful of splits and EPs under their belt, Monolithian gave us their debut full length in 2015, the self-destructively titled “The Finest Day I Ever Lived, Was When Tomorrow Never Came”, and it manifested itself as a rounded progression to cement the band as one to pay attention to even further on the UK underground circuit.  A more fully realised version of its predecessors, the album is still raw and bitter, but with a maturity of experimentation within the sound and song structure to match the subjective nihilism.

Live, Monolithian are a band that simply take your head clean off and leave you wondering how the sound from just 2 souls can be so destructively heavy. They have grafted damn hard to make their sound a reality, and it feels only too fitting that we'd want such a band opening the proceedings for the HDP/WPC Stage at Desertfest in 2017.
Words – Staggerin’ Matt