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Monster Magnet 2.jpg


New Jersey’s finest rock exports Monster Magnet are set to headline Desertfest 2018. Founded more than 30 years ago by their inimitable frontman Dave Wyndorf, they’re expected to have a new album out by the time they take the stage in Camden Town.

Info on that is sparse at this point, but it’s been a hell of a few years for Monster Magnet. In 2013, the band shook off the straightforward trappings of hard rock that had consumed them for more than a decade and embraced their inner space/psych weirdos with Last Patrol. In 2014, they followed that with an immediate, even-weirder reworking of that album called Milking the Stars before, in 2015, going back to 2010’s prior album, Mastermind, and giving that a similar revamp treatment with Cobras and Fire.

At the same time, Wyndorf, guitarists Phil Caivano and Garrett Sweeney, and drummer Bob Pantella hooked up with bassist Chris Kosnik of The Atomic Bitchwax (in which Pantella also plays), to make their live lineup even more devastating. This year has brought reissues of their ultra-classic 1991 debut, Spine of God and the TAB EP, as well as the threat of the already-mentioned new record.

While we sit tight and await the inevitable release date, we can only wonder what the future holds as Monster Magnet once more make ready to powertrip their way through our addled minds. Wherever they wind up taking us on this journey, look for Wyndorf to emerge again as the all-consuming mastermind at the center of it all – right where he belongs.

Offerings to the Bull God: JJ Koczan