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Yes, it’s true. Nebula is back and they're bringing it to Camden Town for the 2018 Desertfest.

19 years ago, a little-known California trio released an EP called Let it Burn. Fronted by Eddie Glass and steered by his riffs as it was grooved by the low end of Mark Abshire and drummer Ruben Romano (both formerly of Fu Manchu), Nebula tore ass through the late-‘90s stoner rock movement, becoming one of its signature acts thanks to early landmark releases like their 1999 split with Desertfest alums Lowrider, 1999’s To the Center LP and Sun Creature EP, and 2001’s Charged.

Looser in their swing and just that extra bit stoned as compared to many of their peers, Nebula tapped a vein of classic rock in cuts like “Down the Highway,” “Let it Burn,” “Sonic Titan” and “Dragon Eye” that have become classics in themselves.

It’s been eight years since Nebula were last heard from with Heavy Psych, their fifth album, on Tee Pee Records. With a lineup comprised of Glass, bassist Tim Davies (also of desert-based Spaghetti Western enthusiasts Spindrift) and drummer Rob Oswald (also a founder of Karma to Burn), Nebula revamped the psychedelic edge that always stood them out among the riff-worshipers of their era.

As they look to move forward into 2018 and beyond, we’re thrilled to announce Nebula will stand among Lowrider, Unida, Sixty Watt Shaman and others in the hallowed halls of Desertfest’s greatest reunions. To put it mildly, we cannot fucking wait.

Words: JJ Koczan