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For 10,000(ish) years, you have asked us, begged us, pleaded with us and wished with us and now we are ecstatic to reveal that 2018 is the year the rumours of war finally come true: High On Fire will celebrate 20 Sunless Years when they headline Desertfest in Camden Town. Not only that, but we've added another 11 killer acts to Desertfest 2018.

You all know the story. Californian legends of the riff Sleep split in 1998, leaving a void in the stoner ozone that would take significant time to refill. But a presence such as Matt Pike can't disappear. And so High on Fire was born; a breakneck, foot-down, exhaust-blazing approach to primitive piledriving like no-one had ever attempted before. The amps, the volume, the force and the grandiose nature of Sleep were still there, but the newfound speed and aggression was at the time of The Art of Self Defense (and still is now) mind-blowing.

With every album, a little bit faster, a little bit tighter and a little bit heavier, High of Fire have evolved over their two decades, resulting in, by the time of 2015's Luminiferous, one of the most comfortable, complete and devastatingly powerful trios that heavy music has ever seen. You'd be a fool to miss them at Desertfest 2018.

Also on the bill, after a hefty absence from the UK, are The Obsessed. Almost synonymous with the doom underground, Wino and The Obsessed are true rock survivors. Up there with fathers of doom such as Pentagram and Saint Vitus, The Obsessed are as vital now as they were back in 1980, with 2017's Sacred sure to be hailed by many as their album of the year; and rightly so.

We've managed to snag Japan's greatest band, Church of Misery, to play Desertfest too. Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1995, Church of Misery were immediately a force to be reckoned with in the doom scene. Centred around constant member Tatsu Mikami, the pure brutality of their output is doubled down on with haunting lyrical imagery surrounding infamously grisly crimes. Six dark, destructive discs in they continue to slay.

Yet more bands on the bill include the brutality of extreme metal quartet Akercocke, one of the most underrated bands in the UK, the fantastic Old Man Lizard, the Pantera meets Orange Goblin madness that is Pist and the syrupy thick riffs of Morass of Molasses.

But that's not all. We also have the swaggering stoner/hard rock of Black Rainbows, the psyched out riff-worship of Death Alley, the measured rock tones of
Puppy and the doom laden The WatchersBlackWülf.

So make sure you don't miss out on our biggest Desertfest to date, book your tickets today.


DF18 - OE - Lower Res.jpg

We've had a long and happy relationship with Old Empire over the years at Desertfest - mainly because of the astonishing and diverse lineups they put together for their very own stage. The Old Empire Stage at Desertfest 2018 might be the most astonishing and diverse yet.

Taking place on Friday 4th May at Electric Ballroom, 2018's Old Empire Stage is bigger than ever and to prove it, they've only gone and booked THE undisputed kings of the UK underground metal scene, Napalm Death, to headline. 

The Midlands-founded and world-famous four piece have been called many things over the years, from extreme metal, to crust punk, to grindcore, but simply put, they are breakneck rapid and guttural as all hell. Innovating metal and all its subgenres from the moment their first record, the impeccable Scum, reared its furious head, Napalm Death have not only been innovators as a unit; they have also provided the launch pad for former members Lee Dorrian, Bill Steer and Justin Broadrick to name but a few.

Now, a quarter of a century from solidifying their mainstay lineup, Napalm Death have continued that path of breakneck brutality right through to their last record Apex Predator - Easy Meat... and it's looking likely to continue with their next. 

Of Napalm Death's headline appearance, Old Empire say, "Napalm Death’s influence on modern metal, doom, grind and stoner music is immeasurable. From the utter head fuck of ‘Scum’ to the short sharp shock of ‘Apex Predator’, these legends have been firmly at the top of our wishlist since it all began. We are incredibly honoured to be hosting them and for a headline slot no less!" We couldn't agree more and are ecstatic to catch them at Desertfest.

Joining them on the bill are the recently reformed game-changers, Warning. Beginning life as a traditional metal band inspired by the likes of Baltimore’s doom forbearers Revelation, Warning evolved into a band unafraid to test the boundaries of what doom could be. In a genre dominated by fantasy, machismo, and morbidity, Warning proved that a metal band can be as much about heart as banging your head, contemplating relationships, longing, and loss.

Reformed early in 2017 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the perfect Watching From a Distance, Old Empire have convinced the band to stick around for a wee while longer. Old Empire tells us, "On the eighth day God (Patrick Walker) created ‘Watching from a Distance’ – he saw, and it was good… You better have my funeral in a big church because at 50 minutes long it’s going to be a slow walk to the Church doors."

The previously announced Eyehategod will be making their Desertfest appearance on the Old Empire Stage too. The NOLA sludgesters have survived everything from Hurricane Katrina to the untimely passing of former drummer Joey Lacaze, turning that pain upside down into walls of riffs punctuated by the unmistakable poetry of Mike IX Williams. Old Empire adds, "We think Eyehategod absolutely embody the spirit of what Old Empire and Desertfest is about. A little bit of heavy metal, a whole bunch of venom and tons of groove – we’re all well aware of the party that ensues when these NOLA heavyweights take the stage, so get fucking ready! "

Also joining the Old Empire stage are black-metal Mancs, Winterfylleth. Known as much for their historical aesthetic as for their dark, black-metal atmospherics, they'll be attempting to give Napalm Death a run for their money as heaviest band of the day. Old Empire adds, "We first saw Winterfylleth in the backroom of a Kingston pub in 2011. The output from this Mancunian quartet since then has been simply staggering, they have consistently been one of our favourite bands."

Shrouded in mystery, we're interested to see where Five The Hierophant take us when they finally take to the stage to perform. Given their releases, we anticipate one of the darkest, most unsettling sets of the whole weekend. Old Empire adds, "We were immediately grabbed by the intriguing artwork and the dark jazz soundscapes on FTH's new release ‘Over Phelgethon’ – Part doom, part drone, part jazz and all oppression. This mysterious band will be making their live debut at Desertfest 2018."

Last, but by not even the slightest means least, we're proud to be hosting upstarts ACDX of whom Old Empire say "New Kids on the Block, we were immediately impressed when their new EP ‘The Day I Heard the Moon Roar” turned up in our inbox. Equal parts Isis, Hawkwind and Opeth. The dictionary definition would simply say of this Essex group, ‘indefinable.’" The London based newcomers are sure to be an early treat, so make sure you're in Camden the second those doors open at Desertfest 2018.

We can't state enough how over the moon we are with what Old Empire has brought to the table yet again, so, before you rush off the page to buy tickets, we'll leave you with these final words from Old Empire.

“We have been comrades with Desertfest for a long time. Back in the day we were both promoting bands at spit and sawdust boozers and now here we are, together again for our 4th year, at Desertfest 2018 and the hallowed Electric Ballroom no less!

From the vitriol of Napalm Death to the haunting polyrhythms of ADCX, this is our most eclectic line up to date. We hope you will join us." Old Empire



Now that you’ve all settled down from the huge first announcement for Desertfest 2018, which included Monster Magnet, Nebula, Eyehategod and more, we think you’re ready for some new names. So we’ve added 8 more killer bands to the lineup.

If any band can claim responsibility for the surge of retro-infused, blues-stuffed rock n roll seeping through the underground over the past decade, it has to be Graveyard; which is why we’re beyond proud to announce that they’ll be headlining Desertfest 2018!

Rising to the top of the fertile Swedish (and indeed European) fuzz-drenched scene thanks to their four immaculate albums, Graveyard quickly mastered their straight-down-the-middle rock foundation and built outwards. Effortlessly creating mind invading hooks just waiting to rattle around your brain for weeks and peppering them with doses of heavy psych, subdued moments and the soulful vocals of Joakim Nilsson, it isn’t hard to see why Graveyard are one of the best bands on the planet.

After a brief hiatus, we’re delighted to have Graveyard make their long awaited UK return in the way that they deserve; headlining Desertfest 2018.

They’ll be joined by goliathan sludge shovelers Weedeater, who have been laying down tar-thick, slowly-swaggering riffs for almost twenty years. It’s hard not to love stoner titans Weedeater with classics like God Luck and Good Speed and Sixteen Tons under their belt and apocryphal tales of frontman "Dixie" Dave Collins shooting off his own toe with his ‘favourite’ shotgun only adding to their legend. Weedeater are simply not to be missed this May.

We’re pleased once again to be bringing Elder back to Desertfest, hot on the heels of yet another mesmerising album in Reflections of a Floating World. No question that the trio had their work cut out in following-up 2015’s epic Lore, but as they expanded to a four-piece with the inclusion of guitarist/keyboardist Mike Risberg, the reach of their craft moved likewise outward. Evolving over the past five years, from one of heavy riffing’s most potential-filled practitioners to a progressive scope entirely of their own, we can’t wait to see where Elder are going next.

Also on the bill are Seattle underground legends Zeke, a band sandwiched somewhere between the rapid-fire, speed-guzzling lunacy of punk and the distinctly bourbon-scented outright abandon of heavy rock n' roll. Now heading into their 25th year together of blasting those raging motorcycle anthems of rebellion, attitude and sheer heads-up metallic mania, Zeke are finally back upon our shores and we're thrilled to announce they'll be joining us in Camden.

But that’s not all. We’ve also added the fuzz filled frenzy that is Freedom Hawk, Portugal’s stoner-grunge quartet Miss Lava (making their first UK appearance), proggy Londoners Mountains and the chunky stoner riffs of Trevor’s Head. And this is just the beginning. We’ve got lots more to tell you about the 7th Camden shindig in the coming months. So keep your eyes on Desertfest website for more and book your tickets today.



Desertfest aims to get bigger and better every year, and for our 7th edition it's no different. Ladies and gentlemen, bow down to the Bullgod because Monster Magnet are headlining Desertfest 2018!

That's right, New Jersey's finest rock exports, Monster Magnet, are set to steamroll through Camden as headliners of Desertfest. The bona fide stoner psych living legends are approaching three decades of bringing the world acid freakouts and riff rock anthems; freakouts and anthems which, it's no understatement to say, helped shape the stoner rock scene. 

From their boundary breaking psych in early releases to the hard rock stomp through the noughties and their recent return to early influences, Monster Magnet have a knack for putting out iconic albums, before doing it all better live. We were always going to have Monster Magnet play eventually and 2018 is the year it happens. We can't wait to be part of the biggest singalong in Desertfest history when Powertrip hits.

Joining them are the recently resurrected early stoner kings, Nebula, who return from an eight year hiatus in 2018. Steered by the riffs of Eddie Glass, Nebula tore through the turn of the millennium thanks to releases such as To The Center and Charged; must own LPs for anybody reading these words. 

Also on the bill are barons of the Bayou, Eyehategod. Shaped by destruction, the sludge metal heroes have a life beaten coarseness that brings a next level of harshness to their sound. Pioneering sludge with their 1990 release, In the Name of Suffering, Eyehategod's brutal assault through the nineties is something to behold. Then, after a decade away, the band came back stronger with 2014s self-titled, rawer, angrier and more driven than before. Having smashed The Electric Ballroom to pieces in 2015, Eyehategod are back at Desertfest.

We also have performances from High Priestess of occult rock Jex Thoth, stoner strut from champions of the Greek underground Planet of Zeus, the garage infused sound of Black Moth and the soulful proto-doom of The Black Wizards. Of course, that's only the beginning. We have dozens of huge bands to announce over the next few months so keep your eyes open.

Alongside that mammoth announcement, tickets are now on sale for Desertfest 2018. As ever, we're offering affordable hotel and hostel packages, which you can find out about here. Also, for the first time ever, we're also offering a split payment plan. With our payment plan, you'll pay half now and half early next year, making it easier to get your ticket for Desertfest 2018.  For more info on our payment plan, click here.

It's going to be another huge weekend in Camden. We're excited for you to see what we have in store for our 7th edition of Desertfest.

Desertfest 50/50 Payment Plan

This year we are pleased to bring you a special opportunity when purchasing tickets for Desertfest 2018. We've teamed up with Eventbrite to offer you a 50/50 payment plan. This means that you can now purchase 50% of the ticket now and then pay the other 50% in the early part of 2018. We hope this will help some people that cannot justify paying the full £110 in one go. 

Please note there are a limited amount of tickets available with this offer.


1st Payment
From 22nd Sept - Till 12th Dec 2017
£55 + zero booking fee

2nd Payment
From 12th Jan - 31st Jan 2018
£55 + £6.50 booking fee

There is a no refund policy for this payment plan. For more information on the terms and conditions please head to the legal section.   

Eventbrite - Desertfest 2018 - Payment Plans

Desertfest 2018 Hotel Packages

For the 2018 edition of Desertfest London we’ve released our hotel and hostel packages early alongside the first band announcement. As with previous years, we have managed to secure some really well-priced packages for you to stay amongst all the action in the heart of Camden.

We have doubles, and twins available in the Hampstead Brittania. The Brittania Hotel  is situated a short walk from the Roundhouse up Adelaide Road towards Swiss Cottage. All rooms come with en-suites. There are a limited amount of rooms available and these will be available on a first come first served basis.

Our hostel is the Smart Camden Inn based a few minutes walk from the Blackheart. There are various options for people traveling into London for the festival. We are offering single beds in a mixed dorm which come with en-suite and there are 6 beds in each dorm.

If you are traveling in a party of 6 to London you can book an entire room at the dorm. Alternatively we have 1 x 4-bed dorm that comes with a private shower. Again, this includes the weekend ( 3-day pass ) for you and 3 friends.  

We've managed to secure a reduced rate for anyone coming to Camden for the festival and our hotel rates are £40 to £70 cheaper than any other deals you maybe able to find that are close to the Festival.


HOTEL - Double / Twins - 2 person & 2 weekend tickets ( 3 Day pass) - £620

DORM - Single bed and weekend ticket ( 3 day pass ) is £250 per person

DORM - 6 Bed dorm and 6 weekend tickets ( 3 day pass ) is £1500 ( £250 Per Person ) 

DORM - 4-bed dorm that comes with a private shower is £1100 ( £275 Per Person )

Check in Friday 4th May | Check out Monday 7th May. 

Hampstead Brittania Hotel Website 

Smart Hostel Camden Website