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Just when you thought Desertfest 2017 couldn't get any better, we've got 16 new bands for you to get your ears around.

First off is the HUGE announcement that weed metal legends Bongzilla return to London for the first time in 14 years, for not one but TWO sets. Their first, as part of this year's megalithic Human_Disease_Promo / When Planets Collide stage, will focus on the bands early releases, Stash, Apogee and Methods For Attaining High Altitudes.

They will be joined on the HDP/WPC stage by mind-altering blackened sludge/doom of Richmond Virginia's Inter Arma, the dark post metal harshness of Celeste, doom crooners Brume and two-piece death-sludge maniacs Monolithian. With bruise groove masters Scissorfight previously announced for the stage, it's looking to be the loudest, darkest and most exciting HDP/WPC stage we've hosted in the six years of Desertfest.

Bongzilla's second set, at the Roundhouse on Sunday, will celebrate the full career of the band with tracks spanning the entire history of the band.

Also announced are Californian desert rockers Avon - featuring stoner rock royalty Alfredo Hernandez on the sticks - and retro infused stomp-inducers Death Alley.

You wan't more? OK. How about four of the UK's most exciting bands, Boss Keloid, Hark, Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters and Wizard Fight, offering up the brutally heavy, the absurd and everything in between.

If you're looking for something a little more psychedelic, we've got you sorted with Samavayo and Dead Lettuce, though if what you're looking for is some straight up rock n' roll, you're in good company with BruleWelcome Back Delta and Monstertone

With still more bands to be announced for this already whopping lineup, we don't think April can get here fast enough.