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As ever at Desertfest, The Human_Disease_Promo / When Planets Collide stage returns to Desertfest. As ever, it's your destination for the weekend's misanthropic bleakness. As ever, it's a who's who of holy sh*t. With consistently huge bills at Desertfest over the years, this year's HDP/WPC stage had a lot to live up to. We think they've surpassed it. We asked Staggerin' Matt to tell us more about the stage he - alongside Gareth Kelly - curated.

This year we have chosen to embrace our love for all aspects of everything across the heavy spectrum by bringing a killer range of bands to the HDP/WPC stage. Topping of the day we're thrilled to be hosting the might of heavy weed riff legends Bongzilla as they hit the underworld for a special set of early tracks (focusing on the releases Stash / Apogee / Methods For Attaining High Altitudes), before they head over to the Roundhouse the following day for a set of tracks spanning their entire 20+ years. These will be their first shows in the capital in nearly 14 years, so it promises to something damn special!

As already announced the new England masters of bruise groove Scissorfight are back in action with a new lineup and new material, and they’ll be with us to shake the underworld apart with their signature neck-wrenching riffs too. Joining the proceedings we’re stoked to also have the mind-altering blackened sludge/doom of Richmond Virginia's Inter Arma with us. Hopping across the channel Celeste will be bringing a dark post metal harshness from Lyon, France to also add to the melee. All the way from San Francisco, doom crooners Brume will make an appearance as their debut London show with a slew of seductive low-end riff magic. Completing the bill, openers Monolithian travel up from the west country to prove that the UK underground takes no prisoners when it comes to gnarly giant sounds with their destructive and filthy two-piece death-sludge mayhem.

All said it should prove to be a day of wickedly heavy proportions, so get ready to pack 'em full and pack tight into the dark depths of the festival as the Camden Underworld is assaulted by the HDP/WPC stage at Desertfest once again in 2017.