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Desertfest 2017’s final announcement is upon us, but fear ye not as our long time partners, the Quietus, have once again brought it. As always, the Quietus Stage - which takes place this year on Friday 28th April at The Black Heart - host a diverse, obscure and, above all, vital quintet of acts. tQ’s Patrick Clark tells you more below.

Steve Moore and Antony Paterra’s longstanding synth-prog duo takes its name from the Italian title of George A. Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead. Cinematic influences make their mark on the pair, not least the iconic Goblin soundtrack of the aforementioned film, but also lashings of supreme, sweeping space rock. 2015 saw Zombi return to the studio after nearly five years away, the resultant white-hot sci-fi epic being the first time they’d made music in the same room since 2006. Their headlining set at 2015’s Roadburn festival was rapturously received; expect no less at the Black Heart.

Terminal Cheesecake
Bona fide legends of psychedelic noise, newly resurrected with the takeover of Gnod’s Neil Francis on vocals, Terminal Cheesecake proved that 22 years away had done nothing to blunt their synapse-busting ferocity on record, with last year’s comeback album Dandelion Sauce Of The Ancients. With links to everyone from The Bug to Skullflower, Godflesh to one-hit wonders M/A/R/R/S, the band’s hectic, frenetic live shows of old went down in history, and the cult of wasters that spawned around them has only grown in mystique ever since.

Since 2006, Newcastle upon Tyne’s Khünnt have pushed their music to its most esoteric frontiers, with their latest offering, last year’s frankly terrifying Failures LP, being no different. A single, crushing piece of brutal, glacial paced punishment, the band’s predilection towards the utterly cacophonic is at present more glorious than ever. Sometimes featuring Richard Dawson on guitar, their live sets are often improvised and a similarly intimidating proposition; a manic, fevered delve into the depths of musical hyperviolence.

Bruxa Maria
After the demise of Con Mun Gos, her punk group of ten years, Gill Dread used her connections as a tour driver to enlist the likes of Palehorse drummer Ben Dawson, Lupins’ Will Elvin and one Seamus O’ Hooligan for her first LP as Bruxa Maria. Their searing, politically charged noise-punk debut Human Condition, released towards the end of last year, was one of tQ’s favourites of 2016. After smashing Corsica Studios to smithereens at the Quietus Winter Party, they're back to smash the Black Heart.

There are few groups who boast a sonic blend like Bask. Though imbued with a melodic sweep of Americana from their native North Carolina, the five-piece bury it beneath blasts of sludge, noise and metal for a twisting labyrinth of a listen. Debut album American Hollow appeared to eager reviews in 2015, sloping from punishing riffs to extended prog odysseys to drifts of serenity, vocals lurch from a swooping twang to a bludgeoning howl with the flick of a switch.

Always one of Desertfest London’s most exciting stages across the weekend, this year’s is set to be no different. With full day splits for Desertfest being released on Friday the 27th of January, make sure you plan to get yourself to The Black Heart on the Friday of this year’s Desertfest.