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Once again we're keeping the party going into the early hours at Desertfest, and this year we're giving you plenty of choice; eight different chances for heavy boozing and even heavier bangers from some of the best DJ's in the scene. Full details on the backdrop to your late night shenanigans are below. 

Old Empire afterparty at Electric Ballroom - featuring a midnight set from ASG - 11:30PM - 1:00AM

After a HUGE day of filth at the Electric Ballroom, Old Empire bring their “half hour of power”, a rampant melee of tunes shuffled by the OE crew. Followed by a late night live set by North Carolina riffs masters ASG at midnight.

Family Woodard afterparty at The Black Heart - 11:00PM - 3:00AM
Anarchic booze fuelled brother sister duo playing the best in doom, heavy metal, and punk ragers. No strangers to the decks in and around this 'ere London town of ours, expect them to bring heavy metal riffs and whisky fits to fuel the opening night deep into the darkest hours.

Crypt Of The Wizard afterparty at The Dev - 11:00PM - 3:00AM
Heavy metal classics, old school doom, NWOBHM and much more heaviness besides, all summoned by the demons behind London’s dedicated Heavy Metal Record Shop - Crypt Of The Wizard are crawling ravenously into the Dev to burn the night away!! ** #metalmakesusstrong **

She's So Heavy at The Black Heart - 11pm - 3am

After a storming party at the Black Heart last year, Julia (Grave Lines), Jessika (Psychomagik), Harriet (Black Moth) and Fed (Black Moth / Rat Salad) are returning their night celebrating women in rock to Desertfest once again. “She’s So Heavy” is powered by a shared love of massive riffs and the desire to spotlight female musicians. Expect heavy grooves, classic bangers, electric psych incantations and fist pumping party jams throughout!

SCC - Street Can Collective at The Dev - 10pm - 3am
Mitch of Below Beyond / SOTR Record Fair along with Binge Drinker Mel play a brain putrefying mash of sludge, doom, heavy stoner, and punk, through to soul, funk, grind and gore. It’s their rules, expect everything and anything, loud n’ in ya grill ! Keep the booze flowing!

HDP / WPC  at The Underworld - featuring a set from Death Alley - 11:45pm - 12:30am

Human_Disease_Promo / When Planets Collide finish off their heaviest stage curation to date with a DJ set of grimey sludge, weedian tones and downbeat dirge, intersected with a live set by Death Alley at 11.15pm.

Desertscene Afterparty at The Black Heart - 11pm - 3am
The annual Desertfest closing party, time to drown your sorrows and facilitate the impending bank holiday hangover with a final hurrah and glasses raised as the weekend draws to a blurry close. DJ Harris once again presides in his own inimitable style, spinning stoner rock, heavy jams, and highway ripping anthems right 'til the livin' end!

Church of Cat at The Dev - 11pm - 2am
The Dev / Church Of Cat promotions bring Camden’s oldest surviving rock boozer to its knees with a healthy mix of everything heavy from the in-house crew.

All our Desertfest afterparties are free to enter for all with a Desertfest Weekend or corresponding Desertfest Day ticket. With not long left to go until the party starts, you'll have to be quick if you want one of our last remaining tickets. Click below to snap one up while they remain.