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With Desertfest rolling around on the last weekend of April, we know some of you are considering hitting up the festival. If you have to get on a plane to catch a lineup - no matter how huge - you want to make sure the journey is worth it. So whether you're from as far afield as Melbourne, Greenland or Essex, here are a few reasons to get over to the mystical metropolis that is London.

1) London is .jpg

1) London is arguably the coolest, most eclectic and most vibrant city on this planet. A place where many a music scene has been been created and cultivated over the past century. From the old stomping grounds of Orange Goblin to the world famous Abbey Road Studios, every street in this fine city is steeped in musical history. 

2) The festival takes place in London's pulsating heart, the one and only rock’n'roll mecca of Camden Town. Arrive with enough time to check out Camden Lock and pop into every shop on Camden High Street. Then come and party in some of the city's most prestigious venues, like the legendary Roundhouse, Electric Ballroom, Underworld and... 

3) ...London's best rock pub, The Black Heart! 100% dedicated to the festival during the three days of the festival, you won’t find a better place to meet new friends and like-minded people; and more importantly, you'll struggle to find better beers in London.

4) This year's lineup is our best yet (as proven by scientists). Reunited Slo Burn headline on the Friday. Turbonegro invade Camden on the Saturday. And last but not least, our huge Sunday main stage; we've filled the debuting Roundhouse with a huge lineup. Sleep, Candlemass, Wolves in the Throne Room, Saint Vitus and Bongzilla will riff their way through the 3,300 capacity venue. And with dozens more of the underground's finest bands, what better year to come to Desertfest.

5) Last but not least: BREXIT. Hear us out on this - think about the beers. Since our economy tanked after the UK's decision to leave the EU, a £5 pint of beer that was €9 ($12 USD) is now - at time of writing - €5 ($6 USD). And who knows? By the time Desertfest rolls around, the beers could be even cheaper. Not to mention hotels, which are cheaper than they were this time last year! Speaking of which, click here to check out our hotel packages.

So if you can get here this April, why wouldn't you want to experience the doomiest Desertfest yet?