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After our gigantic first announcement last month, we at Desertfest Towers have been working hard to make the lineup even better. That’s why we have ten more of the heaviest bands from the underground for Desertfest 2017.

Swedish doom metal figureheads
Candlemass will be providing us with their Epicus Doomicus Metallicus when they make their Desertfest debut in 2017. With over thirty years of doom-ination of the scene, Candlemass’ theatrically operatic style is an experience of pure power. With new permanent vocalist Mats Levén - a man who fits the band like a glove - on-board, Desertfest is extremely proud to host the band as they write a new chapter in the endless story of Candlemass.

Stoner rock icons Lowrider are returning to Desertfest to melt Camden with fuzz. Their only album, 2001’s Ode to Io, is perhaps the greatest pure stoner rock release to have come out of Europe, and seeing those riffs live at Desertfest 2013 is one of the highlights of our first five years. With a new album in the works we’re excited to see what they can do in 2017

Black Spiders are all about rock n’ roll n’ booze n’ good times. Encompassing cheeky humour and occasionally provocative lyrics into their classic rock style, these Steel City rockers are sure to bring the party at Desertfest London.

1000 Mods joined us at Desertfest in 2013, playing the pre-show party to Desertfest’s earliest pilgrims. This year, they’re in the main event. The band are foremost representatives of Greece’s fertile underground scene, having organically grown a passionate and loyal fanbase through hard touring and generally kicking ass.

Joining them on the bill are noise primitives
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs who will be unleashing their raw power to transfix minds and dissolve psyches. The Well’s retro, hazy rock and Stubb’s blues infused soulful swagger is likely to open up a portal to 1970, whilst the proggier side of retro will be on offer with Dresden’s Wucan. And rounding up the bill so far, Houston, Texas’ Venomous Maximus will showcase their stompier take on doom, whilst Grave Lines plan to dish out “spoonfuls of woe” when they hit the stage.

They’ll be joined by the already announced Turbonegro, Samsara Blues Experiment, Satan’s Satyrs and more. Plus, with dozens more names yet to be announced, Desertfest 2017 is only set to get better and better. So book your tickets today and get ready for the underground’s biggest party.