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Now that you’ve all settled down from the huge first announcement for Desertfest 2018, which included Monster Magnet, Nebula, Eyehategod and more, we think you’re ready for some new names. So we’ve added 8 more killer bands to the lineup.

If any band can claim responsibility for the surge of retro-infused, blues-stuffed rock n roll seeping through the underground over the past decade, it has to be Graveyard; which is why we’re beyond proud to announce that they’ll be headlining Desertfest 2018!

Rising to the top of the fertile Swedish (and indeed European) fuzz-drenched scene thanks to their four immaculate albums, Graveyard quickly mastered their straight-down-the-middle rock foundation and built outwards. Effortlessly creating mind invading hooks just waiting to rattle around your brain for weeks and peppering them with doses of heavy psych, subdued moments and the soulful vocals of Joakim Nilsson, it isn’t hard to see why Graveyard are one of the best bands on the planet.

After a brief hiatus, we’re delighted to have Graveyard make their long awaited UK return in the way that they deserve; headlining Desertfest 2018.

They’ll be joined by goliathan sludge shovelers Weedeater, who have been laying down tar-thick, slowly-swaggering riffs for almost twenty years. It’s hard not to love stoner titans Weedeater with classics like God Luck and Good Speed and Sixteen Tons under their belt and apocryphal tales of frontman "Dixie" Dave Collins shooting off his own toe with his ‘favourite’ shotgun only adding to their legend. Weedeater are simply not to be missed this May.

We’re pleased once again to be bringing Elder back to Desertfest, hot on the heels of yet another mesmerising album in Reflections of a Floating World. No question that the trio had their work cut out in following-up 2015’s epic Lore, but as they expanded to a four-piece with the inclusion of guitarist/keyboardist Mike Risberg, the reach of their craft moved likewise outward. Evolving over the past five years, from one of heavy riffing’s most potential-filled practitioners to a progressive scope entirely of their own, we can’t wait to see where Elder are going next.

Also on the bill are Seattle underground legends Zeke, a band sandwiched somewhere between the rapid-fire, speed-guzzling lunacy of punk and the distinctly bourbon-scented outright abandon of heavy rock n' roll. Now heading into their 25th year together of blasting those raging motorcycle anthems of rebellion, attitude and sheer heads-up metallic mania, Zeke are finally back upon our shores and we're thrilled to announce they'll be joining us in Camden.

But that’s not all. We’ve also added the fuzz filled frenzy that is Freedom Hawk, Portugal’s stoner-grunge quartet Miss Lava (making their first UK appearance), proggy Londoners Mountains and the chunky stoner riffs of Trevor’s Head. And this is just the beginning. We’ve got lots more to tell you about the 7th Camden shindig in the coming months. So keep your eyes on Desertfest website for more and book your tickets today.