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After last year's standing-room only success, we are pleased to once again welcome Nightshift Promotions aboard the good ship Desertfest. On Friday the 28th April, the no wristband required stage - located at The Dev, a less than five minute walk from The Underworld - will showcase four bands who embody everything Desertfest is about in their own unique way.

One of Hungary’s most popular stoner/sludge bands, Apey & The Pea are winning fans throughout Europe; and with good reason. Formed at the end of 2008 by members of the Pantera tribute band Remembering the Steel, Apey & The Pea's groove driven sound can turn on a hairpin into raw, guttural energy.  Having shared stages with Saint Vitus, Dopethrone, Weedeater and more, if you haven't heard Apey & The Pea yet, you're in for a treat.

Swiss band Closet Disco Queen are a two-piece who play a heavy as all balls noise/blues rock fusion. Both are current members of Coilguns and formerly of The Ocean Collective, you should prepare for a loud and heavy set. Closet Disco Queen pack a serious punch, proving you can be do more with just a set of drums and a guitar than many a band can with a higher instrument count.

Nottingham's Dystopian Future Motives bring melodic, doomy post metal to the Nightshift Promotions stage. Taking a Sonic Youth approach but arriving at some dark place between Neurosis and Chelsea Wolfe, Dystopian Future Movies have crafted a unique combination of discordant layers, atmospheric swells and colossal heaviness.

Known for his own special brand of gothic blues played beautifully on a 12 string guitar, Ledfoot is one of the greatest solo acoustic performers you’ll ever hear. Hailing from the USA before settling in Norway, the seasoned performer  - born Tim Scott McConnell - is also known from the short lived but legendary gypsy-folk band The Havalinas.

We're sure you'll agree, Nightshift Promotions have assembled an exciting and diverse lineup. And you're getting it for free. Like last year, the Nightshift Promotions stage is free entry, so even if you don't manage to pick up a Desertfest wristband, you can still rock out to some tasty bands in Camden on Friday 28th April. 

So why not walk just off the beaten path at this year's Desertfest and see some of the finest bands from around the world at one of Camden's finest pubs?