RidingEasy Stage to Take Over The Underworld on Desertfest Friday

Continuing the proud history of diverse curated stages at Desertfest, 2019 sees our friends at RidingEasy Records take over a slab of the underground’s biggest party. Taking place on Friday 3rd May at The Underworld, the RidingEasy Stage sees five rifftastic acts who give us a taste of what the label has to offer.

Headlining the stage are Cincinnati’s Electric Citizen who have been the epitome of the underground’s resurgent 70’s infused riff obsession since their 2014 debut album, Sateen, hit the streets. Composed of a tight as hell instrumental section and the powerful vocals of Laura Dolan, Electric Citizen have become masters of the to-the-point, short-and-snappy rock n’ roll style that has come back to the forefront in recent years. Last year’s Helltown, the band’s third full length, sees them in top form, confident of who they are and what they want to do; show up and rock out.

The Portland, Oregon four-piece, R.I.P. stride onto the RidingEasy Stage after carving out half a name for themselves slamming dirty rock shows up and down the West Coast and then shaping the other half with the releases of In the Wind and Street Reaper respectfully. Make no mistake that R.I.P. are firmly in the doom metal canon, but we’re talking, really fast, loose doom held together with squealing riffballs and chugging frenetic, punk-scuzzed rhythms.

Los Angeles based Zig Zags are pure and simply punk rock. Well, they’re more psych punk. Well, actually, they’re more psychedelic punk rock with a healthy dose of acid rock mixed in for good measure. Their no nonsense self titled debut, recorded and mixed by Ty Segal, is a breath of fresh air in an underground scene which can often forget it’s all really about getting the good times going. These will be a big old party at The Underworld.

Mixing up the US heavy stage for the day are Sweden’s Alastor, bringing over a hearty slice of doom from those musically hallowed lands. Low and slow is the order of the day with this badarse quartet, whose debut full length Slave to the Grave is a crunchily produced and mammothian fifty-six minutes.

Blackwater Holylight
did the world a favour last year and released their self-titled debut album through RidingEasy Records, collecting psychedelic washes and drifty, dreamy melodies together for an ethereal brew of hypnotic potency. Bringing together doom, heavy psych, grunge, stoner jams and volume-devouring dynamism, these will be a hypnotic opener to a solid as all hell takeover of The Underworld.

Daniel Hall, owner of RidingEasy Records and the man responsible for this stellar bill, tells us,”I’ve been going to Desertfest the last few years now and it’s a great time!  The music is always on point, the people enjoy themselves, and it’s always well run. When given the chance to take part in having a stage that showcases some of the RidingEasy bands I jumped at the chance.  We’re excited to take over The Underworld on May 3rd with our music and full merch booth as well.“

So be sure to get down to The Underworld on Friday 3rd May where, after the excellent Vokonis have warmed up the venue, the RidingEasy Records takeover of Desertfest is sure to be beer swilling, riff chugging affair. Don’t miss out. grab the last remaining tickets at the link below now.