The Skull

The HDP/WPC Stage Returns at Desertfest 2019!

It wouldn’t be Desertfest without our brothers at The Human_Disease_Promo / WhenPlanetsCollide, who once again return to the underground’s biggest party. This year, the HDP/WPC Stage takes place on Saturday 4th May at The Underworld, bringing with it six colossal acts just itching to cause an earthquake that breaks the riffter scale.

Headliners for the day are Savannah, Georgia’s Black Tusk. Perhaps one of the heaviest out and out party bands ever to walk the Earth, Black Tusk have one hell of a bounce to them. Somewhere between the abrasive power of sludge, the driving pace of thrash and the raw energy of punk, they are pure headbanging insanity forged through the shit the world has thrown their way. If any band over the weekend is guaranteed a pit in the crowd, these are that band.

Joining them are The Skull, a band birthed by members of doom pioneers Trouble, who have gone on to carve out their own place and a well earned respect in the ever expanding doom scene. Hearkening back to a time when doom was all about no-nonsense chugging instrumentals, banging solos and powerful vocals, The Skull’s classic doom sound is masterfully executed and will be something to behold at Desertfest.

Two Glasgow based acts occupy the middle of the bill; first up, the two-piece riff n roll madness of Acid Cannibals. Made up of James T McKay (The Cosmic Dead) on guitar and vocals and Robert Marley (Droves) on drums, Acid Cannibals are short and sweet and barrelling towards you at a frightening pace. Their debut EP, last year’s Why Not Every Night is a ten-minute, in, oot, nae bother punk explosion which leaves a mark. Live, this should be intense.

Their city mates, Headless Kross, are, by their own description, “the ideal soundtrack to the slow unravelling of the world as we understand it”. Sludgy, doomy, fuzzy, psychy, and well tasty, their tripped-out, low-toned aural assault is something to behold. Flipping from plodding moments of anxiety inducing bleakness to the universe expanding spaced drones in a heartbeat, Headless Kross will be one hell of a journey.

The Grammy award winning Norwegians Årabrot return to Desertfest bringing their caustically unique and pummelling noise-rock immensity. Hanging in the air like a guillotine about to fall, the imposing sound of Årabrot manifests in many undefinable guises, but every part of their output lingers on the ears like the sentiment from some kind of lurking, opaque, spectral force. Truly unique on any and every lineup, if you miss these, you won’t get even a taste of what they offer with any other band at Desertfest.

Opening the day in the harshest, most jarring way possible, are Kalloused, a diamond within the burgeoning UK black metal scene. Providing an abrasive soundtrack of blackened doom, tinged with hardcore, noise and post-metal elements, their 2016 album Damn You Believer, comprised of six utterly brutal parts, will shake you awake on Saturday afternoon and then keep shaking you.

So, with your six acts introduced, one of the men behind the stage, Staggerin’ Matt, tells us “The goal of the HDP/WPC stage each year at Desertfest is to bring a mix of no nonsense, heavy as is out there, earth moving bands to the festival. Those which we not only dig personally, but who bring a dynamic and sonic force to ramp up the proceedings. For 2019 we’ve assembled another motley crue of riff rollin’, mind twisting, and sense engulfing bands to tear your heads clean off, as well as some to simply start a goddam party!”

Be sure not to miss what is always one of our liveliest, most destructive stages every year at Desertfest; catch The Human_Disease_Promo / WhenPlanetsCollide Stage at The Underworld on Saturday 4th May. Grab our last remaining tickets now while you still have the chance.