Wrong, Coilguns and More for Nightshift Promotions Stage at The Dev

After our last massive announcement of 27 bands and those all important day-splits, the only stage we have left to announce is The Dev. Today, we’re bringing you the six tasty bands taking to The Devonshire Arms on Saturday May 4th’s Nightshift Promotions stage.

Headliners for the night are Miami noise rockers Wrong. Featuring ex-members of Kylesa, Torche and Capsule. Groovy and heavy is the order of business with Wrong, with hints of peak Pantera glimmering through a bleak landscape of twisting and turning miserable influences. Their 2018 sophomoric full-length, Feel Great, is essential listening, even if the mood it invokes is somewhat opposed to the albums title.

Joining them at The Dev are the brutally brutal Coilguns. Hailing from Switzerland and boasting a proud D.I.Y. ethic, Coilguns are an explosive blast of hardcore infused black metal. Their
two full lengths, 2013’s COMMUTERS and last year’s Millennials are no-nonsense gut punches with defined edges of math and sludge metal.

Things will get tripped out when Mother’s Cake hit The Dev on Saturday, as Austria’s finest psych proggers expand our minds. The band’s three full-lengths to date are all meandering ride’s, but the real fun is in seeing them live; as evidenced by their January release, Live at Bergisel. Strap in for the experience when these pass through town.

Germany’s Heads bring a new take on the past with their style of grunge which has been dragged into the noughties. Featuring those time-tested murky guitars of old, but adding more complexity to the sound, Heads bring that low, hooky vibe to the Nightshift stage on Saturday.

Brighton’s Enos have been kicking up a storm in the UK Underground since 2008 with their hard rock served by veins that flow progressive; a storm which violently tore through the Desertfest pre-show in 2013. We’re proud to have them back for our 2019 edition to do the same again.

Finally, opening The Dev on Saturday 4th May are Elevant, who bring their alternative take on the alternative down from Liverpool. A band who often thrive in the delicate edges of heavy - though aren’t opposed to the odd mental freakout - Elevant will shake off the hangover ready for day two of Desertfest.

Be sure to check out these six killer acts when they hit The Dev’s Nightshift Promotions Stage at Desertfest 2019.