This London quartet of Groove Metal marauders, One For Sorrow, have been scene regulars for over five years now and in that time have achieved such highs as playing Bloodstock & Download festivals, and supporting heroes like Honky and Soulfly.

The foursome of Joe Thompson (vocals), Jason Putter (guitars), Andrew 'Snakes' Louis (bass) and Ross Quinn (drums) have become a rock-solid unit from years of tireless touring and during that time their sound has developed into a unique English take on the masters of the craft like  Down, Crowbar and COC, bands which One For Sorrow gladly name as some of their most loved inspirations. Mix in the soulfulness of Alice In Chains and plenty of thrash metal attack, and you have a band that can coax any audience into awe then frenzy, from one song to the next.

With both their 2013 EP Backs to the Wall, and 2016 LP Blood Songs, they have received unfaltering great reviews across the board. One For Sorrow show the yanks that they are more than a match, ready to bring the Desertfest roof crashing down this year, to the sounds of the deep NOLA south, tempered with the ominous threat of slayer-thrashing fury bubbling away underneath.

Words: Rich Sheppard