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As you can tell from their name, Pist like nothing more than a cup of tea with an episode of Bake Off, so we’re delighted to be bringing such well-behaved lads to Desertfest 2018.

Nah, just kidding. Since forming in Manchester in 2013, Pist have been tearing up the UK with their brand of pissed-off stoner-sludge and generally behaving in a drunk and belligerent manner wherever they go. After the release of their debut EP Riffology, the band went to Skyhammer Studios to record their debut album – the excellently titled Rhythm & Booze – with Chris Fielding and the result is something like a long lost Pantera-Orange Goblin collaboration.

With a restless desire to go out, play, and get drunk, Pist have amassed a loyal following across the UK and beyond so we decided it was high time we invited them to join the Desertfest party.

Words: Tom McKibbin