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Could there be a heavier sound than that grafted by Denver trio Primitive Man? You’d certainly be hard pressed to find one! With their unbelievably caustic and destructive heavy tone, every note and beat that pours from them feels like a life shattering moment. Quite how this band achieve such a sound is part of their allure. It feels effortless, and uncontrived, yet every fibre of their being seems to emanate. The darkest depths and furthest recesses of the mind, all boiled up into one melting pot of cathartic expiration.

Catching many off guard smashing through with their 2013 Relapse Records (re-released) debut album Scorn - a maelstrom of barked pain over walls of doomed jaggedness - PM burst forth with an intent, confidence, and abandonment of fucks given which is almost unrivalled in today’s heavy sphere. Pissed off, yet instantly mature and conscious, the band are simply a force-majeure to behold. With subsequent splits (with the likes of Fister, Sea Bastard, Hessian and more), an EP, and last year’s second full length Caustic, each release has further raised the bar of how intense and internal heaviness can become. Remaining somewhat undefinable in sound, touching on elements of doom, grind, drone, noise, PM seem to hold on to an essence that is unquestionably their own. Unfathomably heavy, and unrelentingly gnarly.

Live they bring to the stage a stripped down, no nonsense bashing of the senses, an aural assault of the most harrowing terms, but one that has an undefinable draw and intrigue. Every time the band have set foot on these shores a larger gaggle of heads attend to witness the beastly pummeling for themselves. So it is with great pleasure that we bring one of the most intense bands currently out there back to the UK, and to the Underworld once again, to have them bare their bones to the Desertfest throngs. Believe us, people will be cramming in to catch a glimpse of their own inevitable destruction, so get in the venue early to witness the mighty Primitive Man for your very selves!

Words: Staggerin’ Matt