Greased wheels, scuffed leather, stale whiskey, sleazy riffs and, errrm, really big scythes sure set R.I.P. apart from the doom crowd and we're chuffed as shit to have them with us this coming April to play the Riding Easy stage at Desertfest.

The Portland, Oregon four-piece, R.I.P., carved out half a name for themselves slamming dirty rock shows up and down the West Coast for a good few years before the whips n' chains grit n' roll of 'In the Wind' came along in 2016 and swept the sticky vinyl floor from under us all. Fast forward to 2018 and the none-more-aptly named sophomore opus Street Reaper was already gathering knots down the Pacific coast highways (and Bandcamp); ripping squealing riffballs and chugging frenetic, punk-scuzzed rhythms in it's wake. 

Make no mistake this is doom metal, but it's like, really fast, loose doom with more than a pinch of it's own salt tossed in over the smouldering pot of filth for good measure. So tuck in, throw back your head and cackle like King Diamond playing sharades with a hyena, cos we're all about to get reaped on these 'ere streets...

Words: Pete Green