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It's been a decade since Scissorfight last straddled onto the Underworld stage, puffed up like a rampant bear in heat, intoxicating riffs cascading down from the pines, and the familiar New Hampshire groove flowing freely to the gracious reception of a madly grinning crowd.

Fast-forward to 2016 and the Jaggernaut is finally back! Firing from Boston, MA, armed with a mammoth new vocalist and tooled up with a new set of swaggering tracks, the quartet are coming back to Europe to smash heads and conquer all with their menacing no-nonsense approach to balls out rock 'n' roll. Parts punk, outlaw rock, stoner groove, obnoxious blues and everything and nothing in-between. Scissorfight are one of a kind.

On stage, favourites like "The Complete Outlaw", "Backwoods", "Blizzards, Buzzards, Bastards" and of course the bar-brawl inspired anthem "New Hampshire's Alright If You Like Fighting" have always carried the necessary clandestine tactics to get the crowd chomping at the bit for more. If the new tracks from the recent EP "Chaos Country" are anything to go by then this incarnation of the 'fight are brandishing more of the snarling antagonism and punchy riffs that we love 'em for, and which has made this re-emergence so highly anticipated.

So, prepare for a real dose of the American cloven-hoof. No head will be left un-nodding in defiant satisfaction when the band roll into London to join the Human_Disease_Promo / WhenPlanetsCollide Stage at Desertfest 2017. Buckle up and get the beers in... Scissorfight are back baby!

Words - Staggerin' Matt