Sweden’s Skraeckoedlan have recently released their third album, a pivotal outing by the name of Eorþe. It’s out through Fuzzorama Records and it brings to light the core approach of what the now-trio have always brought to heavy: choice songwriting, right-on tones and a progressive metal sensibility that’s given them a ready expansion over the course of their decade together.

To say Eorþe -- which translates simply to “earth” -- is their most accomplished offering yet is to undersell it. It’s all the more appropriate that the album should arrive through Fuzzorama, the imprint helmed by members of now-defunct Desertfest veterans Truckfighters, because Skraeckoedlan would seem to have inherited that band’s penchant for fuzz-based exploration, and the songs on Eorþe have a character unto themselves, whatever elements they might share with the band’s past work on 2015’s Sagor or 2011’s debut, Äppelträdet.

It is a tale of grandiose seabeasts -- also landbeasts! -- and the madness they inspire, and a forward-thinking assemblage of tracks that finds bassist/vocalist Robert Lamu (ask him about his Dozer tattoo!), guitarist/vocalist Henrik Grüttner and drummer Martin Larsson coherently working as a trio for the first time while still holding firm to the infectious energy that’s always given Skraeckoedlan such sonic momentum.

Expect the earth to shake when Skraeckoedlan plods into Camden Town for the 2019 Desertfest. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Words: JJ Koczan