If you’re making the trip by car, you can maybe do Kiev to London in 26 hours, depending on traffic. Not a minor journey by any stretch. Still, it’s been far too long that we’ve been wanting to bring Stoned Jesus to Desertfest and far too long that it hasn’t happened. 2019 is the year we get there at last.

“We're stoked to finally play Desertfest London next Spring!” enthuses guitarist/vocalist Igor Sidorenko. “This is gonna be a special year for Stoned Jesus, since we played our first show in 2009… so yeah, we'll be celebrating our first ten years in 2019!”

Stoned Jesus make the trek from the Ukraine to play Desertfest on the heels of some of their greatest triumphs to-date. After showcasing their 2012 album, Seven Thunders Roar, for its fifth anniversary as a result of conquering the internet with it, the band signed to Napalm frickin’ Records for the release of their fourth album, Pilgrims, and hey, it’s turned out to be their most righteous and forward-thinking collection yet. Of course, they celebrated with yet more touring, including a run alongside Mothership and Elephant Tree that’s already become the stuff of legend.

How will Stoned Jesus mark their 10th anniversary? We have no idea, but it seems like a pretty safe bet that Sidorenko -- joined in the band by bassist Serhij Sljussar and drummer Dmytro Zinchenko -- will have a decent amount of his wardrobe to throw out to the assembled masses. Because really, that’s how it goes. You might end up with some new sweatpants.

Stoned Jesus are a band that has truly never wavered from blazing their own path and constantly trying to bring something new to their sound. It is a pleasure and an honor to bring them to Desertfest. Finally!

Words: JJ Koczan