If you were to shortlist the most influential pioneers in doom metal, Trouble would undoubtedly be among them; and their lineage continues to this day with The Skull - the band built up from the legacy of Trouble.

Trouble formed in 1979, and were somewhat unique in the metal world – where their deeply spiritual and biblical lyrical themes were a stark contrast to a genre otherwise saturated by endless champions of Satan. Their sound, somewhere between Judas Priest and Black Sabbath – intricate dual guitar parts, down-tuned heavy metal riffs and a dose of psychedelia – was perfectly complemented by the unique and powerful vocals of Eric Wagner. Albums such as Psalm 9, Manic Frustration and, of course, The Skull remain essential albums that should be in any self-respecting doom enthusiast’s collection.

2012 saw two founding members, and one long standing member, of Trouble go on to birth The Skull, out of love of playing these songs live - and it’s that passion which will make them a must-see on the Human Disease Promo/When Planets Collide stage.

Early work aside, The Skull have two releases under their belts already, in For Those Which Are Asleep and last years fantastic The Endless Road Turns Dark – the latter featuring a solid rhythm section in original bassist Ron Holzner and ex-Cathedral drummer Brian Dixon; and the shredding of Lothar Keller works wonderfully with Witch Mountain’s Rob Wrong blues-soaked guitar. It’s easy to see why The Skull already command respect wherever they play, and it’s great to have them grace our festival this year!

Words: Rich Harris