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Trevor's Head.jpg


Trevor’s Head present chunky, stoner riffage from the deepest darkest recesses of Redhill, Surrey.

Fans of ‘90s alternative will particularly appreciate their varied approach as all sorts of influences are on display, from Tool & Alice In Chains, to The Wildhearts to the UK’s Send No Flowers - a band enamoured by the best US grunge, but unfortunately born in the wrong country.

Of the many highlights, notable are the constantly melodic vocals and musical segues, fearlessly lead by singer/guitarist Roger Atkins and perfectly accompanied by the band’s impressive harmonies. All of these tuneful considerations do not come at the expense of grunt though; every song has plenty of powerful grit and the pace picks up with punky, driving aggression, all wrapped up in warm desert-fuzz tone.

It’s impossible to watch Trevor’s Head without being impressed by their passionate and exuberant live performance, so Desertfest invites you all to join the trip around the inside of Trevor’s Head in 2018. Don’t miss it!

Words: Rich Sheppard