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Here at Desertfest HQ we love to keep it fresh, change it up and challenge the boundaries and limitations that modern day’s genre-baiting, pigeonholing bullshitters sometimes lay down. But we still like to do all of the above whilst remaining clad in our denim jackets and rocking out harder than a pirate galleon in a tsunami. That’s one of the many reasons why, in a frankly unprecedented display of outrageous unconventionalism, we’re beyond ecstatic to announce that Turbonegro will headline Desertfest 2017.

Widely heralded as one of, if not THE, greatest deathpunk, festival rock and general joy-inducing bands of all time, a whole heap of fun is guaranteed whenever the Norwegians sweep into town. For over twenty-five years the anthemic, hyper-driven riffs of Euroboy, Rune Rebellion and Happy Tom have been tearing up venues from the backstreets of Oslo to the main stage at Download, happily rebounding all punters into a wall of pure rhythm, sexually-charged on-stage lunacy and Tony Sylvester’s politically-combatant, yet hilarious lyrics.

Whether the topic is that of pizza parlours, erections, dead friends or a rendezvous with anus, you’re guaranteed to lap up every single second of these solid gold hits from the likes of ‘Sexual Harassment’ (2012), ‘Ass Cobra’ (1996), ‘Scandinavian Leather’ (2003) and the magnificence that is ‘Apocalypse Dudes’ (1998).

So you might want to get your tickets in early before the Turbojugend’s faithful fan base buy up every square inch of Camden this coming April, because Turbonegro are coming to the party. And WHAT a party this will be. Welcome to the apocalypse, dudes, I sure hope you’re ready for some darkness.

Turbo Words: Pete Green