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VODUN set to possess desertfest 2017!

Described by some as "hard-charging afro-psych" and others as "dangerous, thought-provoking, weird & otherworldly", it's safe to say that Vodun's arrival and latest full-length "Possession" have caught people off-guard. When critics left right and center have to start making up new genres to describe a band that has blown them away, you know something important has happened.

Vodun has been one of the fastest-ascending newcomers to hit the London scene in this writer's memory, but they are no flash in the pan. Those that remember the equally ground-breaking London trio Invasion will already be aware of the chemistry between incendiary Drummer Zel and soulful-voiced singer Chan. Joining them is NZ-born guitarist Linz who's nimble-fingered fuzz sculptures underpin the dynamic shifting rhythms and passionate vocals.

The fact that Vodun has been selected to support Uncle Acid's UK tour this December is probably the last piece of information you'll need to convince you that if you aren't already under the spell of Vodun's exotic magic, surely you will be by the time Desertfest 2017 comes around!

Words: Rich Sheppard