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That’s right - Warning are playing Desertfest 2018's Old Empire Stage! The fans thought it would never happen, but we are beyond delighted to confirm that the band will be gracing us as they continue to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their seminal album Watching From a Distance.

Formed in 1994 by singer/guitarist Patrick Walker and drummer Stuart Springthorpe, Warning began life as a traditional metal band inspired by the likes of Baltimore’s doom forbearers Revelation. A couple of well-received demos preceded their 1999 debut album The Strength to Dream – an incredible record in its own right – but it was following the release of their second album, Watching From a Distance in 2006, that Warning became truly revered by the ever-growing doom community. With progressive riffs and lyrics that focused on real-life emotional issues, the band even sparked discussion about what defined or confined a “doom” band. In a genre dominated by fantasy, machismo, and morbidity, Warning proved that a metal band can be as much about heart as banging your head, contemplating relationships, longing, and loss.

After disbanding in 2009, Walker went on to form the equally influential 40 Watt Sun, releasing two albums with them and garnering more fans and more desire among those fans for a Warning reunion. Fortunately for us, Warning also wanted that reunion and to give fans a chance to hear the songs. So, do NOT miss this opportunity to see the band in action on the Old Empire Stage at Desertfest 2018 – who knows if you’ll get another chance?

Words: Tom McKibbin

Old Empire says: On the eighth day God (Patrick Walker) created ‘Watching from a Distance’ – he saw, and it was good…

You better have my funeral in a big church because at 50 minutes long it’s going to be a slow walk to the Church doors.