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Pack a bowl and prepare for a wizard fight because loveable North Carolina drug-guzzlers Weedeater are coming to Desertfest 2018... not once but twice! Not only will they crush us with a standard Weedeater set this May, but they’ll also play a special set of early material on the Human_Disease_Promo / When Planets Collide stage!

It’s hard not to love stoner titans Weedeater with classics like God Luck and Good Speed and Sixteen Tons under their belt and apocryphal tales of frontman "Dixie" Dave Collins shooting off his own toe with his ‘favourite’ shotgun only adding to their legend.

Formed in 1998 after Buzzov•en disbanded, these guys have been laying down their own combination of tar-thick, slowly-swaggering riffs for almost twenty years, with their latest album, Goliathan, released by Season of Mist in 2015. Bolstered by the recent addition of absolute powerhouse Travis Owen on drums, and with Shep’s fuzzed out riffs forever setting up the smoky landscape, “Dixie” Dave’s going to be free to hop around, scream and unleash his devastating low-end grooves like some demented, backwater shaman when he hits the stage.

Whether you’re in search of the early stuff from And Justice For Y’all and Sixteen Tons, or you want to hear the bands later output, Weedeater are simply not to be missed when they play Desertfest 2018 twice.

Words: Tom McKibbin