Boston’s own Worshipper will come to London immediately after playing the first-ever Desertfest NYC at the end of April, and the occasion is the impending release of the follow-up to their full-length debut, 2016’s Shadow Hymns.

Released through Tee Pee, that album made it plain right out of the gate that the four-piece outfit weren’t screwing around when it came to tapping into classic heavy rock ideals and giving them a much-needed modern kick in the ass. Armed with memorable songs, blistering performances and a sense of live energy that exuded from the LP regardless of actual volume -- though volume never hurts -- Worshipper had an opening statement that was heard around the world. Their second album blows it out of the water.


Yeah, really.

Like, you’re not even ready for it yet. You think you are, and that’s cool, but this is a whole other level of class coming down on your head. Worshipper have gone quickly from “knowing what they’re doing” to mastering their approach and expanding their sound with a skillful and purposeful blend of influences in and out of a heavy rocking sphere.

Their second record is richer, more psychedelic and more progressive, but it doesn’t lose that core that made Shadow Hymns so engaging either. We can’t wait for you to hear it and we can’t wait to watch them play those songs on the Desertfest stage. Trust us, it’ll be awesome.

Words: JJ Koczan